Dead Magic (Mage: The Ascension) by James Stewart, Jess Heinig, Dana Habecker, Chris Tang

By James Stewart, Jess Heinig, Dana Habecker, Chris Tang

Centuries of Magic

Civilizations upward push and fall throughout seas of time. alongside the way in which, each one tradition fosters its personal mystic traditions. whilst mages of the current search for solutions long ago, they lay naked the main terrifying - and effective - of humanity's superstitions. Such magics have been forbidden even within the brutal cultures of a while long gone; what bad secrets and techniques do they carry for mages today?

Millenia of Horror

From the early days of civilization in Mesopotamia and Africa, to the philosophies of Greece and Rome and the mysteries of crucial the USA, useless Magic explores the mystic historical past of misplaced civilizations world wide. this is often no go back and forth advisor for mages, even though - those have been cultures that practiced bad, blood-drenched rites and consciousness-shattering rituals. Unearth those secrets and techniques and desire that you simply survive.

Dead Magic Includes:

Modem purposes of the magic of historic cultures
Creatures and plot principles for Storytellers
strong new spells, together with the formulation for lichedom.

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Sample text

What has come before and what is still to come must never be taken lightly, nor fade away. When it comes to membership, the Eldritch Society is accepting of pretty much anyone that is willing to take up the fight. This includes those that society would ostracize or outright persecute. Para-psychics of all shades are welcome, though the few Zoners that are part of the organization are treated with the delicacy they deserve. Sorcerers are valued, even those that have been tainted by the Outsiders, no matter how severely.

Strength is obviously required in order to overcome the struggles that are still ahead. However, physical strength is not the only focus. Strength of mind and will are also necessary, for the horrors the Society faces are not those of the everyday world. Left to its own devices, strength can easily become tyranny, which is why the Society also works to build compassion in its members – especially Tagers. When one must fight tooth and nail against vicious foes, one can sometimes forget the ordinary people for which he is fighting.

When one must fight tooth and nail against vicious foes, one can sometimes forget the ordinary people for which he is fighting. Those within the Society are saviors and no one can forget that. There are lightly religious overtones to everything in the Eldritch Society, but they do not encourage a culture of worship of anything. The knowledge that powers the Society comes from a deity of some kind. The Tagers have joined in symbiosis with some sort of creature from the higher dimensions, the nature of which is usually classified as divine.

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