Geometric Problems on Maxima and Minima by Titu Andreescu, Oleg Mushkarov, Luchezar Stoyanov

By Titu Andreescu, Oleg Mushkarov, Luchezar Stoyanov

Questions of maxima and minima have nice useful value, with functions to physics, engineering, and economics; they've got additionally given upward thrust to theoretical advances, significantly in calculus and optimization. certainly, whereas such a lot texts view the learn of extrema in the context of calculus, this rigorously built challenge booklet takes a uniquely intuitive method of the topic: it offers hundreds and hundreds of extreme-value difficulties, examples, and suggestions essentially via Euclidean geometry.

Key positive aspects and topics:

* complete collection of difficulties, together with Greek geometry and optics, Newtonian mechanics, isoperimetric difficulties, and lately solved difficulties similar to Malfatti’s problem

* Unified method of the topic, with emphasis on geometric, algebraic, analytic, and combinatorial reasoning

* Presentation and alertness of classical inequalities, together with Cauchy--Schwarz and Minkowski’s Inequality; uncomplicated ends up in calculus, similar to the Intermediate worth Theorem; and emphasis on basic yet worthy geometric techniques, together with changes, convexity, and symmetry

* transparent ideas to the issues, frequently observed by means of figures

* 1000s of routines of various hassle, from undemanding to Olympiad-caliber

Written via a staff of tested mathematicians and professors, this paintings attracts at the authors’ adventure within the lecture room and as Olympiad coaches. by means of exposing readers to a wealth of inventive problem-solving techniques, the textual content communicates not just geometry but in addition algebra, calculus, and topology. excellent to be used on the junior and senior undergraduate point, in addition to in enrichment courses and Olympiad education for complex highschool scholars, this book’s breadth and intensity will attract a large viewers, from secondary university lecturers and students to graduate scholars, expert mathematicians, and puzzle enthusiasts.


"As an avid challenge solver with a robust curiosity in inequalities…I am thrilled to complement my repertoire with the options illustrated during this volume…. The booklet includes hundreds of thousands of difficulties, classical and glossy, all with tricks or whole solutions…. through the years, Titu Andreescu and numerous collaborators have used their reports as lecturers and as Olympiad coaches to supply a chain of fine problem-solving manuals…. the current quantity keeps that culture and will attract a large viewers starting from complicated highschool scholars to expert mathematicians." –MAA

"The complete exposition of the booklet is saved at a sufficiently common point, in order that it may be understood via high-school scholars. except attempting to be accomplished when it comes to forms of difficulties and strategies for his or her suggestions, the authors have attempted to supply numerous diverse degrees of hassle making the e-book attainable to exploit by means of individuals with various pursuits in arithmetic, assorted skills, and of alternative age groups." —V. Oproiu, Analele Stiintifice

"This first-class ebook, Geometric difficulties on maxima and minima, offers not just with those recognized difficulties, yet good over 100 different such difficulties, a lot of which have been thoroughly novel and new to me. ... This booklet will surely significantly entice high school scholars, arithmetic academics, expert mathematicians, and puzzle fanatics. i might regard it as totally crucial examining for college kids getting ready for arithmetic competitions round the world." (Michael de Villiers, The Mathematical Gazette, Vol. ninety two (525), 2008)

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Xn , x1 + x2 + · · · + xn x12 + x22 + · · · + xn2 ≥ , n n with equality if and only if x1 = x2 = · · · = xn . Cauchy–Schwarz Inequality For any real numbers x1 , x2 , . . , xn and y1 , y2 , . . , yn , (x12 + x22 + · · · + xn2 )(y12 + y22 + · · · + yn2 ) ≥ (x1 y1 + x2 y2 + · · · + xn yn )2 , with equality if and only if xi and yi are proportional, i = 1, 2, . . , n. Minkowski’s Inequality For any real numbers x1 , x2 , . . , xn , y1 , y2 , . . , yn , . . , z 1 , z 2 , . . , z n , x12 + y12 + · · · + z 12 + ≥ x22 + y22 + · · · + z 22 + · · · + xn2 + yn2 + · · · + z n2 (x1 +x2 + · · · + xn )2 + (y1 + y2 + · · · + yn )2 + · · · + (z 1 +z 2 + · · · + z n )2 , with equality if and only if xi , yi , .

If λ = 0, then (2) is equivalent to a x− λ 2 b + y− λ 2 = a 2 + b2 − λc . 5. The Tangency Principle 53 This equation defines: (i) a circle with center O = ( aλ , λb ) if a 2 + b2 − λc > 0; (ii) the point O = ( aλ , λb ) if a 2 + b2 − λc = 0; (iii) the empty set if a 2 + b2 − λc < 0. If λ = 0, then clearly (2) defines a line if a 2 + b2 > 0, the whole plane if a = b = c = 0, and the empty set if a = b = 0 and c = 0. ♠ One can prove in the same way a space analogue of the above theorem. Note that in the case (a) the level surface L μ is a sphere, a point, or the empty set, whereas in the case (b) it is a plane, the whole space, or the empty set.

Consequently t = π2 + kπ and 2t = π2 + nπ for some integers k and n, which √ √ implies 2 = 2n+1 , a contradiction since 2 is irrational. That is why M N > 1 2k+1 for any t. Chapter 1. Methods for Finding Geometric Extrema 36 We will now show that M N can be made arbitrarily close to 1. For any integer k set tk = π2 + kπ . Then | sin tk | = 1, so at any time tk the point M is at A. To show√that N can be arbitrarily close to A1 at times tk , it is enough to show that | sin( 2tk )| can be arbitrarily close to 1 for appropriate choices of k.

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