Fibonacci’s De Practica Geometrie by Barnabas Hughes

By Barnabas Hughes

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6 First, each strip is made up of geometric squares, of which there are two sizes, smaller and larger. The smaller is one foot on each side, is called a denier of measure (denario di misura), and is used to measure strips smaller than an areal foot. The larger is six linear feet on each side that I name an areal rod (pertica superficiale). Neither of these is the basic unit of areal measurement. The basic unit is the areal foot equal to an area 1 linear rod by 1 linear foot, because six areal feet are used to describe an areal rod.

7 An example8 illustrates both formats: 1+5 2 +3 15 3 = 1 + 1 + 3 = 6 2 6 10 2(6)(10) 6(10) 10 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 See, for instance, Talkih al-Afkar of ibn al-Yasamin (d. 1204) that was written in Andalusia or in Morocco around the middle of the twelfth century. Boncompagni (1862), (10 [21]). Liber abaci, 21ff; Sigler (2002), 49ff. Hoyrup (1990), 293–297. 38–37; Sigler (2002), 64–65. 28; Sigler (2002), 119–126. Hoyrup, ibid; Dutton and Grim (1966). Tropfke (1980), 113–114. 1 Measuring Areas of Rectangular Fields 13 While accepting the representation of rational numbers in the ascending continued format, one does well to be cautious about crediting Leonardo with knowledge of this process.

78). Chigi: “Et se vuoi trouare per abbaco lo punto” (f. 23v). Riccardiana: “Lo partimento de quadranghuli si accade in 3 modi” (p. 81). Chigi: “Lo partimento de quadrangli scade in 3 guise” (f. 25r). There is a major difference: the Table and surrounding propositions in Riccardiana are not present in Chigi, from “Et se, per altro più soctil modo …” (p. 68) in Riccardiana to “… li loro archi non saputj trovare” (p. 73). This section includes instructions for constructing, using, and practicing with the Table.

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