Principles and Practice of Electrical Engineering by Alexander Gray

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S. unit Length 1 cm. 1 in. Mass Time 1 gm. 1 Ib. Force 1 1 dyne or energy 1 erg = 1 dyne-cm. 1 Power gm. 1 erg. per sec. 1 joule 1 watt= 1 1. 6 gm. = 1 watt-sec. 1 ft. Ib. -hour = gm. calorie = 1 Ib. calorie = 1 20. 6 gm. 1 sec. 1 Ib. p. = kw. 2 joules 1900 joules 10 7 ergs per sec. 1000 watts 550 ft. Ib. per 746 watts sec. Problems on Work and Power. hoist raises a weight of 2000 Ib. through a distance of 300 ft. in a Find the work done and the power expended. If the efficiency of the hoist is 75 per cent, and that of the motor is 90 per cent, find the horsepower of the motor and also the current taken by the motor if the voltage is 110.

29 a similar unit is shown which consists of a length of wire wound in a spiral groove cut on the surface of a tube of porcelain or some other such material, adjoining turns of the wire being thereby separated from one another. Such units are mounted in frames as shown in Fig. 27. They are always placed vertically so that air can circulate freely through the tubes and over the surface of the resistance wire and thereby keep the temperature of the rheostat within reasonble limits. For carrying comparatively small currents, round wire is ART.

Between the electrical and the mechanical units. 17. Unit of Work. Work is done when a force is moved through a distance. s. unit of work is the erg, which is the work done in moving a force of 1 dyne through a distance of 1 cm. , then the work done in 1 sec. A more 1 watt-second or 10 7 ergs and is jcalled 1 joule. ). the power, or rate at which power (746 or WORK AND POWER ART. 20] 15 the kilowatt-hour (3600 X 10 s joules) and this will gradually replace the horsepower-hour because it is based on a system of international units.

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