Vor Rukoth: An Ancient Ruins Adventure Site (Dungeons & by Greg Bilsland

By Greg Bilsland

A ready-to-use experience place for any Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Need a thrilling event place on your heroes to discover? glance no additional. as soon as a stronghold of the tiefling empire of Bael Turath, Vor Rukoth has fallen into damage and turn into a haven for monsters. inside of its vaults, the treasures and mysteries of Bael Turath wait to be unearthed! as well as an experience situation, Vor Rukoth holds many hours of pleasure and adventure.Vor Rukoth provides an absolutely specific, ready-to-use fort damage, whole with mystery destinations, maps, experience hooks, monster and NPC facts, ready-to-play encounters, and a full-color, double-sided conflict map. The publication is ideal for Dungeon Masters searching for a mysterious experience place that matches immediately and simply into their latest D&D campaigns.

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These spirits have little influence within the city, but occasionally one manages to escape and seek out a worthy hero, perhaps one with lineage dating back to the ancient empire. Accounts also exist of spirits possessing adven­ turers or guiding them to the crypts. So far, no one has been formidable enough to meet the expectations of the restless shades. ENDLESS STAIRS To reach the site for her marvelous gate, Najala enslaved dwarves, drow, minotaurs, troglodytes, and other subterranean creatures.

Hook: In the farthest reaches of the dungeons is a great yawning pit, a column of stone rising at its center. Shackled to the stone is the prisoner Najala feared most. Unable to kill him, she instead forgot about him. Stories tell of a great wizard named Inariam who Najala took as a lover. He taught her powerful and dark magic, and in exchange, she lavished him with wealth and attention. The stories do not say why, but they recount that in a fit of rage . Najala threw Inariam into the Deep Pits.

The Deep Pits became a cursed place, rife with necrotic energy and filled with zombies and tortured souls_ Najala continues to use the prisons: Many explor­ ers and treasure hunters have met their end in the Deep Pits after being captured by one of her patrols. A few manage to survive on stale water and rats, but most quickly succumb to disease or starvation. Hook: Two members of an adventuring party have been captured by Najala after attempting to sneak into her court. The third member of the party, a human rogue named Dal, managed to escape but lost his hand in the process.

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