Secrets (D20 System Accessories) by Jim Pinto

By Jim Pinto

Backstage of each strong myth crusade is a wealth of secrets and techniques simply ready to be published. secrets and techniques is a special sourcebook that provides a couple of "what if" occasions on your crusade. What approximately actual elves, is there a mystery category not anyone has ever obvious sooner than? may well wizards and sorcerers research a mystery which can get to the bottom of the very cloth of magic? notice those risky, adventure-leading secrets and techniques from 5 crusade characters as they expose the data to show your crusade on-end and retain your avid gamers guessing! (160 pages, softbound)

* The secrets and techniques of combining magical potions… the secrets and techniques of the gods… the facility of real names… and tenth point magic!
* each mystery can lend storytelling style or bring about quests because the DM sees fit.
* a number of lore so as to add intensity to any crusade, and sufficient secret to convey your video game again to the times of yesteryear while the gamers didn't already "know it all".

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Multiple Stunning Strike [Fighter] You may now attempt to stun your foes more frequently, and more than once in any given round. Prerequisites: Dex 13, Str 13, Power Attack, Stunning Strike, fighter level 9th. Benefit: You may attempt a stunning attack once per day for every three levels you have attained, and no more than once per round. Special: In addition to the normal feat slot, a fighter must spend 500 XPs and 3 weeks in training in order to learn this feat. A fighter who spends 1,500XP and 8 weeks in training, may attempt a stunning attack once per day for every two levels, and still no more than once per round.

Wind Walk (Sp): At 19th level, the Breath of Wind School monk learns how to alter the substance of his body into a cloud-like vapor (as the gaseousfom spell) and move swiftly through the air. This ability functions as the wind walk spell cast by a druid of a level equal to his monk level. A Breath of Wind monk may use this spell-like ability once per day. TABLE1-5: THE BREATHOF WIND SCHOOL MONK Level BaseAttack Bonus Save Ref Will Save Save Special 1st +o +O to 4th +3 Fort +O Fast movement, fury of blow, unarmed strike Flurrv o f Blows Attaik Bonus Unarmored Speed Bonus 1d6 AC Bonus +O ld8 +1 +20 ft.

5th +1 6th +6/+1 +5 +2 +2 Smite chaos 2/day, remove paralysis 1/week Remove curse 1/week 8th +8/+3 +6 +2 +2 Remove paralysis Z/week 1 o 20th +20/+15/+10/+5 +12 +6 +6 Remove paralysis 6/week, smite chaos S/day 3 3 Level 4th 1st - 4th - 3 3 THE LORE OF KARDUN AZZIL IBN Remove Curse (Sp): At 6th level, a true paladin can produce a remove curse effect, as the spell of the same, up to once every week. He can use this ability one additional time per week for every three levels after 6th (twice per week at 9th, three times at 12th, and so forth).

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