Duplex Stainless Steels, Microstructure, properties and by R Gunn

By R Gunn

The 1st reference e-book to be released at the more and more well known duplex stainless steels, will probably be greatly welcomed via metallurgists, layout and fabrics engineers, oil and gasoline engineers and a person concerned about fabrics improvement and homes.

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15). 1). " In the 700-900 temperature range, a eutectoid of /2 + (J can form'" (Fig. 1), encouraging Cr, Mo-rich precipitates, such as sigma phase. Similarly, one form of 12 which forms at b/ t boundaries is found to be depleted in Cr, especially if it has co-precipitated with Cr zN. 4 6 Either of these diffusion controlled reactions can render the area susceptible to pitting corrosion. 15 Optical micrograph of electrolytic sulphuric acid. 3 }'2 20Pffi 39 I in a superduplex weld metal, x 1000. 16 SEM micrograph ofY2 + (after reference 46).

22 TEM micrograph of r-phase at ferrite grain boundaries. Steel S31803 between 550 and 650 "C (after reference 50). 1) can lead to the formation of the heavily faulted needle-like r-phase on bIb boundaries" (Fig. 22). 6 Nitrides Cr2N and CrN Nitrogen is added to duplex alloys to stabilise austenite, and to improve strength and pitting resistance. The solubility of nitrogen is considerably higher in austenite than in ferrite, and has been shown'" to partition to the former phase. Above the solution annealing temperature (about 1040°C), the volume fraction of ferrite increases, until just below the solidus a completely ferritic microstructure can be present (Fig.

1997. Forming and machining 55 8 Carlborg C G, Nilsson A, Franklind P-A: Beaune '91, vide ref. 1, Vol. 1, 685-695. 9 Johansson J-O: Swedish Institute for Metal Research, IM-2288. 10 Arnvig P-E, Leffler B, Alfonsson E, Brorson A: Proc conf Duplex stainless steels '94, Glasgow, TWI, Vol. 1, paper 100. Bibliography Carlberg CG, Nilsson A, Franklind P-A: Machinability of duplex stainless steel, Proc conf Duplex Stainless Steels '91, Beaune, Les editions de physique, 1991, Vol. 1, 685-696. Charles J: The duplex stainless steel to meet your needs, Proc conf Duplex Stainless Steels '91, Beaune, Les editions de physique, 1991, Vol.

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