Dragons of the East (Mage: The Ascension) by Bryan Armor, Ellen Kiley, Christine Gregory, Steve Long,

By Bryan Armor, Ellen Kiley, Christine Gregory, Steve Long, Malcom Sheppard

With phrases of Thunder

Shinto monks. Shaolin priests. Ninja clans. Confucian sages. Hindu fakirs. Asia is a brilliant dragon, sleeping because it awaits the turning of the age. lengthy have the folk of Asia identified magical secrets and techniques. in the course of the mists of shrouded legends, they've got witnessed the powers of spirits, dragons, feng shui and chi energy.
We Shake the Pillars of Heaven!

Here Mage gamers and Storytellers will locate not just information regarding the heritage of Asiatic mages just like the Akashic Brotherhood and the Wu Lung, yet of different hidden teams within the a ways East, in addition to the unique magic of Asia. the following finally are entire principles for the original sorcery of Asia, plus its unusual spirits and creatures, magical artifacts and hidden hazards.

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When you choose your options from this list, you can choose to heal yourself and others (from Conditions), support yourself, or enable others to support you. If you roll 10 up, it’s fine to select the “remove a Condition” option twice, each time removing a different Condition. This move can break the pattern of isolation and confusion. S S Queer Content Playing the Game This isn’t really a game about monsters. It’s a game about the confusion that arises when your body and your social world start changing without your permission.

Let their sexuality and gender be incidental in some cases, and let it be the chaotic thing that drives the story forward in others. Use the game to explore and challenge your own ideas about gender, sexuality, relationships, what’s normal and what’s monstrous. S 43 S S Staying Feral Playing the Game Every moment of the game leads into the next. When you narrate something, others respond. Moves get triggered. Dice get rolled, and those rolls create new situations to react to. The fiction and the mechanics interact with one another to create an emergent story, one that has its own momentum and energy.

Take a move from another Skin. You have Unholy Allies. Add 1 to Hot (max 3). Add 1 to Cold (max 3). Add 1 to Volatile (max 3). Add 1 to Dark (max 3). 51 Sex Move When you have sex, heal all of your wounds, and cure all of your Conditions. If they disgust you, give them a String. If you disgust yourself, give them a String. Darkest Self None of your friends can help. They’re not strong like you are. You need to chase down the biggest threat imaginable, immediately and alone. Any challenges or dangers that you encounter must be faced head on, even if they might kill you.

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