Engineering Principles for Electrical Technicians by K. M. Smith

By K. M. Smith

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1 radian FIG. 5 EXAMPLE. Convert 5 radians to degrees. 360 5 x — - =286-5°. 2n EXAMPLE. Convert 270° to radians. 2n 270 χ —— = 4*712 radians. 360 Let us have another look at the work done in rotation. 6 shows a lever r ft long with a force Ρ lbf turning the lever through an angle Θ rad. Now work done = force χ distance = Px length of arc AB = Pxr0, WORK, POWER AND ENERGY 57 but Pxr measures torque (torque being another name for turning moment). Therefore Work done in rotation = torque χ angle turned through in radians = Τχθ.

Horsepower = F and 2nNT 33,000 12,600 nn T= — V - lbf-ft. 12 Horsepower = F 2π χ 500 χ 12,600 - ---„ Λ 33,000x12 = 100 hp. 8. Measurement of brake horsepower for an engine or motor An electric motor, petrol engine, diesel engine or gas engine is a machine whereby energy contained in the form of electricity, petrol, oil or gas can be converted into mechanical energy. During the process of conversion some of the energy is lost in overcoming friction in the machine and also through other heat losses.

If the centre of gravity is not under the point of suspension a turning moment Wx is introduced causing the body to rotate. This turning moment disappears when the centre of gravity lies under the point of suspension and the body will then remain in equilibrium. EXPERIMENTAL DETERMINATION OF THE CENTRE OF GRAVITY OF A LAMINA Equipment required. Irregular shaped piece of cardboard or sheetmetal, piece of string and plumb-bob. See Fig. 4. 40 ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES FOR ELECTRICAL TECHNICIANS Pierce three small holes in the lamina at A, Β and C.

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