Drop Dead, Gorgeous! (The Gorgeous Series, Book 2) by MaryJanice Davidson

By MaryJanice Davidson

Ah, weddings - each woman's reminder that she'll most likely die by myself, coated in cat hair and wearing unflattering sweatpants. And so far as undesirable marriage ceremony stories pass, my pal Stacy's may possibly take the cake - i am dateless, i am a bridesmaid, and somebody simply tried to whack the groom (known, no kidding, because the Boss) in the midst of the rite. Whoa...hang on. i would now not savour reception nutrition or doing the electrical Slide, yet an individual who attempts to destroy a girlfriend's special occasion through bumping off her real love must plow through me first. So now I, assistant hairdresser Jenny department, am assisting to seek down a real-life undesirable man, and the major suspect is Kevin Stone, who claims to be operating undercover for a gaggle known as Covert Ops defense. All of this can be tough to think - my new position as spy-in-training, the truth that i am surrounded via individuals with freaky superhuman powers, and so much of all, the way in which that this unbelievably horny villain/double agent/whatever Kevin is makes each (and I suggest each) nerve-ending tingle the second one he comes into view...and it seems that to be mutual. residing with flying bullets and incessant risk is some distance from sweeping up hair on the finish of the day. but when it ability being round Kevin, a woman might get used to it...

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Her eyebrows, pale yellow against the perfect cream of her skin, arched. “Really? ” she said again. He shrugged apologetically. They were sitting, knees together, around the small coffee table in the living room. “Sorry. ” “I hate that game. ” DROP DEAD, GORGEOUS! 49 She smiled in spite of herself, and picked up her hand. “Okay,” he was saying, “so we’re clear on the rules. If you don’t got the card you need, you can draw or you can talk. ” “Go fish,” she said gravely. He hesitated, then said, “Okay, I’ll get this going.

As I was saying, he is who he says he is. ” “First things first,” Dmitri said with palm raised. ” “But it’s all the same thing, right? We’re all working for the same government. I mean, you and he are. ” Dmitri asked, ignoring Caitlyn’s interruption. “He was deep in,” The Boss answered placidly. “For weeks after the budget cuts were announced, there was no way to warn him. By the time we tried, he had disappeared. He was either dead, a double agent, or deeper than ever. No matter what the reason, we had to cut the connection.

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