Der Platoniker Tauros in der Darstellung des Aulus Gellius by Marie-Luise Lakmann

By Marie-Luise Lakmann

Aulus Gellius' bills of his reports in Athens are a big resource for the character of Taurus the Platonic thinker of the second century A.D. and in addition to, provide very important insights into the background of Platonic college of that time.
The current paintings places jointly Gellius' studies at the heart Platonist for the 1st time and — by way of its exact statement — deals a brand new figuring out of contents, shape and strategies of his philosophical directions, of the connection among instructor and scholars, and of scholar existence within the second century A.D. typically. by way of this suggests quite a few issues in historic philosophy, philology, technology, and pedagogics are dealt with.
Finally the consequences therefore won are mixed with all final literary and epigraphic facts, in order that a full of life portrait of Taurus as a philosophical instructor emerges. a suite of stories and fragments referring to Taurus' existence and paintings, a entire bibliography, and indices whole the paintings.

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