Cyril Of Jerusalem: Bishop And City (Supplements to Vigiliae by Jan Willem Drijvers

By Jan Willem Drijvers

This quantity offers with the episcopate of Cyril of Jerusalem (350 to 387). Its total topic is the connection among town and its bishop and, particularly, Cyril's efforts to advertise Jerusalem because the Christian urban par excellence, by means of utilising Jerusalem's spiritual symbols - the holy websites and the move. except chapters on Jerusalem within the fourth century C.E. and at the existence and works of Cyril, this learn discusses vital points and occasions of Cyril's episcopacy, equivalent to his pastoral paintings as an city bishop of the Jerusalem Christian group, Jerusalem's liturgy, the rebuilding of the Temple, giving a re-interpretation of the Syriac letter ascribed to Cyril approximately this occasion, and Jerusalem's and Palestine's spiritual panorama.

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For this impiety concerning lhe plieslhood he was compens:ued with a bribe. The dying i\bxirnus had subslituted Heraclius in his own place. Worrying lhis man with a variety of deceits, Cyril demoted him from bishop 10 priesc" Rev. trans, Donalson, '1 For a m()loe elaborate discll~~ion of Cyril'~ doctlinal views and the contradictions the sources contain on Ihis point, see Appcndix I. J4 For jcromc's falling Ollt with John, see KcUy, 1975, 195-209. N. 34 CHAPTER TWO least non-orthodox views, at the time of his ordination.

26. JERUSALEM IN TI-IE FOURTH CEi''TURY 15 of the Cross. ining images of deities pertaining to the cult of Venus. 67 This site of the Venus sanctuary was appropriated by Constantine to build a large Christian basilicit. Why this site? As mentioned earlier, late antique Christian sources consider this site to be that of Christ's Crucifixion and burial, which was, however, deliberately obscured by Hitdriitn, to prevent Chrisliitns from veneritting it, by constructing the Venus temple over it. Basing themselves on these sources, modem hiSlOriitns like to presume it locitl tradition of acquitinlance and identification by the Jerusalem Christian community with this site as thitt of Christ's execution and burial.

76 It was surrounded by twelve columns - a reference to the twelve Apostles - the tops of which were decorated by silver bowls that were donated by Constantine himself. Then followed a nice, open, colonnaded courtyard by which the basilica was connected with the site of Christ's Tomb. In the southeast corner of this courtyard was the Rock of Calvary. "77 The structure, or aediClllllm, built over the Tomb stood initially in the open air. 30-32. These steps are dearly depicted 011 the i\bdaba rnosaic, which presellls a nice, ahhough not accurate impression of the church; Dormer, 1995, 90-91.

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