Coronary CT Angiography by Marc Dewey

By Marc Dewey

Coronary CT angiography has attained expanding medical awareness at educational associations and has turn into a hugely exact diagnostic modality. Extending this information right into a perform surroundings is the aim of "Coronary CT Angiography". This e-book will help you in integrating cardiac CT into your day-by-day perform, whereas additionally giving an summary of the present technical prestige and functions. the explicit positive factors of scanners from all 4 major proprietors also are provided delivering an target review of noninvasive coronary angiography utilizing CT.

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Informing them about the entire procedure prevents inadvertent reactions to unexpected events that might increase their heart rate. Hence, patients should be informed that they might experience a sensation of warmth when the contrast medium is injected and should also be told beforehand about the expected duration and number of breath-hold periods. Patients who are aware that the target structures are just a few millimeters in size will better understand that any motion during the breath-hold periods may severely degrade the images and may even result in a nondiagnostic scan.

The details about your symptoms and other tests that you have had in the past will help us make the correct diagnosis by CT. A written report of the CT findings will be sent to your doctor after the examination. Please send the completed form to the address or fax number given below or bring it along when you come in for your examination on day: ……………… at: ……………… Charite +49 (0)30/450 527 911 Institut fur Radiologie, CT Luisenstr. 68 (Hochhaus) 10117 Berlin +49 (0)30/450 527 133 1. , atrial fibrillation) 2.

Economic and biological costs of cardiac imaging. Cardiovasc Ultrasound 2005; 3:13 4 5 Clinical Indications M. 1 Suspected Coronary Artery Disease . . . 2 Other Appropriate Clinical Indications . 3 Potential Clinical Indications . . . . . . 4 Currently No Clinical Indications . . . . 5 Patient Referral . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Recommended Reading . . . . . . . . 38 Abstract The clinically most relevant indications for coronary CT angiography are presented. , with nonanginal chest pain and a negative stress test), and the CT findings would lead to many unnecessary conventional coronary angiographies.

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