Chess Life - May 2009 by Daniel Lucas

By Daniel Lucas

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Qxe4 Bxf5 18. Qe5 This move is important. I cannot give him time to activate the other rook. 18. Qe7 is probably a little better, but I wanted to maintain pressure along the a1 h8 diagonal and following up with the idea of h4 h5 h6. 18. Qb6 Maintaining pressure on f2, which is the only weak point in my position. 19. Re3 Here I must block the queen from the key f2 square and I must be able to use my other rook. Also d3 was a soft spot in my position. 19. a5 The idea behind this move is to play ...

Balasubramanian, who finished with 2½/3 after ceding a wild, dou ble flag fall draw to Scott Low, was played in his first ever Chess 960 event. ” Clearly, the different starting order of the pieces along the back rank didn’t faze Balasubramanian too much after finishing his game with Low, he replayed the entire game from memory so that it could be written down! Expect the Chess 960 event to grow in future years. S. m. after most of the fourth round battles had ended. “This year was a lot more competitive than pre vious years,” observed Japanese American talent Shinsaku Uesugi.

Bg5 Qd6 8. Nxd4 Taking with the queen would please Black, because the bishop pair tends to gain in value with a queen trade. 8. Be7 Black doesn't really want to exchange bishops when he has the bishop pair, but otherwise his development is diffi cult. 8. Bd7 is the move to go all out for the win, but it carries some risk. 9. Be3 Trading bishops is more common here, because it leaves White with a healthy kingside pawn majority versus Black’s crippled queenside one, while Black no longer enjoys the bishop pair as com pensation.

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