Atmospheric Radiation Tables by Walter M. Elsasser

By Walter M. Elsasser

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Elsasser, W. , 1942: Heat transfer by infrared radiation in the atmosphere. Harvard Meteor. Studies, No. 6, Cambridge, Harvard Univ. Press, 107 pp. Elsasser, W. , and J. I. King, 1953: Transmission data for the far infrared bands of carbon dioxide and ozone. Tech. Rep. 9, Univ. Utah, Contract AF 19(122)-392 with AFCRC, 44 pp. Goody, R. , 1952: A statistical model for water vapor absorption. Quart. J. r. Meteor. , 78, 165-169. Goody, R. , 1954: The physics of the stratosphere. Cambridge, England, Cambridge Univ.

Since (a) is the downgoing flux, it follows that the net flux (S4) at the reference level is represented by (b) (c). In a slightly more complicated case, the temperature of the ground, say Ta, may be somewhat different from the temperature T2 of the air immediately adjacent to the ground. This corresponds to the earlier equation (72) now integrated over the spectrum and the angles. One now goes along the actual atmospheric curve u(T) to T 2 , then along + + + 33 30. Computation of cooling of a slab on radiation chart.

Rollett, 1955: Analysis of variance of the 1952 data on the atomic constants and a new adjustment, 1955. Revs. Mod. , 27, 363-380. Daw, H. 2 microns to 23 microns. Tech. Rep. No. 10, Univ. Utah, Contract AF 19(122)-392 with AFCRC, 70 pp. Dorsey, N. , 1940: Properties of ordinary water substance. New York, Reinhold Pub!. , 673 pp (seep. 298). Elsa~ser, W. , 1938: Mean absorption and equivalent absorption coefficient of a band spectrum. Phys. , 54, 126-129. Elsasser, W. , 1942: Heat transfer by infrared radiation in the atmosphere.

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