Midnight Wishes (Cheyenne Nights, Book 2) (Harlequin by Carla Cassidy

By Carla Cassidy

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She would have known if she had, she would remember. But you don't remember how you got into the yard, a small voice niggled in her head. You don't remember cutting your foot. She clapped her hands over her ears, as if by that act alone she could quiet the terrifying voice in her' head. I sleep walked she told herself firmly. Tonight had been a single anomaly, a result of all the stress she'd been under. She'd had nothing to do with Greg's death. To think otherwise was to flirt with madness. Chapter Four "Luke asked for a ride into town and we told him we were sure it would be fine," Colette said When Abby met her, Hank and the baby at the car the next afternoon.

Bad company, Abby thought, irritated that Luke had managed to manipulate his way into the ride. " she asked, looking at her watch. " "Relax, we have plenty of time. " Colette linked arms with her husband and gave him a lingering, intimate smile that caused a stir of envy in Abby. Oh, to have somebody to love her, to hold her while she battled the craziness that had become her life. As Hank and Colette talked softly of their travel plans and they all waited for Luke to return to the car, Abby found herself ruminating over her sleep-walking the night before.

She opened her eyes and stifled a groan as one of the officers dumped her underwear drawer on the bed. She suddenly wished they were multicolored silk and lace instead of serviceable white cotton. She moved away from the door, away from Luke. " "I think I just found it," Richard said as he pulled one of her blouses from the closet. " "Yes ... " Abby wondered how he knew that's what she'd worn. Had somebody described her outfit from that night in the diner? Did they expect to find something incriminating on the blouse?

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