Dutch-Belgian Troops of the Napoleonic Wars by Otto von Pivka

By Otto von Pivka

In a determined try to cease the trafficking of British items, Napoleon absorbed Holland, components of Westfalia, the Duchy of Oldenburg and the Hanseatic cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Lübeck into Metropolitan France in 1810. The armies raised from those parts fought as allies of the French or as a part of France itself from 1795 to 1813. This booklet examines the heritage, uniforms, orders of conflict and hues and criteria of the troops from the Batavian Republic and its short-lived prestige because the state of Holland. The textual content is more desirable with a variety of illustrations, together with maps, charts and exact color plates.

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And the sabre strap. -One chevron in the faci ng colou r. Later in 1815 (probably after the batt! of Watt>rloo) a new model shako was issued. It had no neck shield; above the peak 'was a poi n t ·d brass plate extending to the chin-strap bos. es and bearing the battalionjrc(rirncntal number; above this was the orang a 'kade, alld the loop and button. Thefollowingsin Ic-battalionunitsw reraised in 1815: 17th and 18th DutchJagers; 19th26th Dutch olonial infantry; 27th DutehJ agel's; 28th (Regiment.

Sten. Del' Rock~dlO~ war ung.... ·rt. C, Die,e Einheit wurde flirden siidafrikanischen Dienst au gehoben. s f. Kavallrri(,l'egimcllt. s~rSI<\l(et. Da Xochmab t"in aussc:rsl franlosisch('~ Ansd1(~n 7lJ bemerken sind doch h("i DI und D2 die aus rotem Lcdf'r ht'rgcslclltcn Flinu·ntragriemcn. D2 Xach eincm Knolelgemalde im Lcidcnrr ~Iuscum abgebildcl. · Einlwil, mit often iehcliehen britiseh('n EigelUehafiell dcr Periode. 'ill'ndc Anilleric vif'ter Hecre del' Zeit. E2 ommcrau~gang(,­ uniform wie man am doppclspitzigcn.

IborIlc (Hist01)'oIlhe Il'arin France alld Belgium in 1815). 'f we have observed through the year that book is unfortunately repeated by milit,ry historians up to this very day. torical aunt of the Second Oi"i i n by the hi 'f of" taff r lhat division, olone! van Zuylcn van Kyev lt on 25 October 1815 (paper. which were never en r a. ked for hy aptain iborn']. \lont 'aintJean. 'Th brigade was 'harg d with outpo, t dUli " and, a. a covering fore . was Ulla ble to rst. , . 00 on 18,Jun . In lh morning.

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