Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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From the bestselling writer of The  Carousel and Daybreak  comes a stirring, well timed tale of adultery and its  impact at the American  family. Margaret and Adam Crane appear to have a close to perfect  life--she's a instructor, he is a working laptop or computer govt, and  together they're lovingly elevating their own  children and Margaret's orphaned niece.

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Not You. Not the Great Know-It-All. Well, I hope You're satisfied . Quit your bellyaching, chump. You're the one who acted like a jerk two days ago and refused to help her. Don't put the blame on Me . Great! Just when Ethan had been hoping for a little compassion from Marion Cunningham, he got Eastwood. With a certain amount of resignation, he wondered why he was even surprised. Ethan seldom got the God he wanted to hear. Right now, he'd wanted Mrs. Cunningham, the great "Happy Days" Mother God.

Annie collected junk, but my parents and I cleaned most of it out after she died. " She began to ask what kind of memories, only to have him disappear through a doorway that led into a kitchen off to the left. He reappeared with a set of keys. " As Rachel gazed at the keys, she recognized them for what they were, a sign of Gabe's guilt. Once again, she remembered the ugly scene between them. It was almost as if Gabe had been attacking himself instead of her. She shuddered inwardly as she wondered what other paths his course toward self-destruction might take.

He stared blindly ahead as the past two years unraveled in his head like an old black-and-white newsreel. Everything, he saw now, had led to today. The pills, the booze, the isolation. Two years ago death had stolen his family, and today it had robbed him of his humanity. Now he wondered if it was too late to get it back. Chapter Six «^» In EthanBonner's job, he was supposed to love everyone, yet he despised the woman who sat in the passenger seat of his Camry. As he turned out onto the highway from the drive-in entrance, he observed her scarecrow-thin body and hollow cheeks scrubbed free of the makeup that had once coated them.

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