Construction And Maintenance Of Masonry Houses by Blondet M.

By Blondet M.

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Q I have chosen a patterned fabric for my curtains but it’s quite sheer so they will need lining. What type of fabric do you suggest I use? A Have you ever thought about combining different fabrics? A pattern lined with a stripe looks quite special when you can see a little of the stripe when the curtains are pulled back. Use a tieback to make sure you can create this look. You’ll need to manipulate the fabric a little so that the stripes show. If you then use some of the same material to make up a couple of cushion covers it ties a scheme together beautifully.

The floor may need to be raised to allow for a slope and in older houses the floor may not support the weight of a new stone or fully tiled floor. It isn’t just a question of retiling, the surfaces will need to be lined and sealed, which is a specialist job. At this point it is also worth thinking about underfloor heating. I would always recommend installing it as the room will be much more inviting in the winter months. You might also want to consider a sunken tub. Consult with your builder or designer to see if it will fit in with the raising of the floor and can be fitted into a recessed area.

There is no way that you could or even should stick to every single rigid design rule when putting together your home. However, if you’re happy to work with some guidelines in place, you’ll reap the rewards in terms of creating an appealing and desirable space. It’s all about putting together the furniture, soft furnishings and accessories that match a certain mood. I’m a minimalist, modernist, neutral colours kind of person and that means I have certain requirements in setting my style. There has to be plenty of storage in a room to keep it free from clutter.

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