Cn7017 - Armor of the Vietnam War (2) Asian Forces by Albert Grandolini

By Albert Grandolini

Armor of the Vietnam warfare (2) Asian Forces is written through Albert Grandolini and released by way of harmony guides corporation. The e-book is an illustrated historical past of the tracked car utilized by Cambodian and North and South Vietnamese forces in the course of the Viet Nam warfare period. It comes with remark, black and white images and colour prints.

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The tanks are fitted with spare trac:::o on the front of the hull to increase the protection of the driving compartment. (Socialist Republic of Vietnam) As the T-34-85s approach the ir objective , the infantry troops dismount from the tanks to advance on foot. In Laos , this tactic proved to be very effe against an adversary who lacked armor support. (Socialist Republic of Vietnam) 42 The attack continues toward a Note that the try is heavily camouflaged with ",ge. The tanks provided effective ,: )O r!

On 1 May, T-54 tanks of the 202nd Armored Regiment stormed across the Quang Tri airfield, a US Army and Marine helicopter base. The fall of the Quang Tri provincial capital was the most important success achieved by the PAVN in South Vietnam's I Corps. ­ intense artille bombardment and , lack of fuel. Th ss= PAVN soldiers p ~o with a captured AR M-41 A3 tank j,--o outside of Quang I­ Note that the turret ringed with sandbc : to increase protect:: against shaped-char;: rockets. (Soci a ­ Republic of Vietnam 56 PAVN troops captured these two M-41 A3s of the ARVN 7th - -R along Highway 1 south of Quang Tri.

The unit was constantly attacked and harassed by Communist armor, artillery bombardments and road blocks set up by PAVN infantry armed with AT-3 Sagger missiles. This vehicle apparently hit a mine and was abandoned . (Socialist Republic of Vietnam) This ARVN M-41 A3 = the ARVN I Armo r~ Brigade was said to c~ knocked out by a Type ~ tank from the PAVN 202 Armored Regiment. A hit the engine compartm e. ­ started a fire that bum" out the vehicle. (Soci Republic of Vietnam) The complete air supremacy of the USAF and VNAF often forced the PAVN to employ its tanks at night.

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