Chess Life - February 2009 by Daniel Lucas

By Daniel Lucas

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Nxc6 28. Nxh8 0-0-0 29. Nxf7 Kb7 30. Qxh7 Qd3 That's not going to help in the face of the killer discovery which follows, but it is not easy to find a good move in that position. There doesn't seem to be one. 31. Nxd8+ Ka8 32. Nxc6, Black resigned. org Black can only stave off mate with a couple of spite checks. Randy Hough very ably served as both chief director and chief organizer for the sixth year in a row. Randy has done a remarkable job since taking over from your reporter. He has kept expenses down and has found backers who actually made a profit this year!

Qe6 c3+ 19. Kf3 Bb7+ 20. Ke2 Bd5 34. Nc3 Nd4+ 35. Bxd4 Black has two solid pawns for the Exchange and is close to winning. 35. Rxd4 36. Nxd5 cxd5 37. Ra1 f3 38. Rhf1 e4 39. dxe4 dxe4 40. org (see diagram top of next column) That is worth another diagram. It stops smothered mate and prepares the coro nation of at least one of the pawns. Right? n r + k + + + pp + +Qn + + +lN + l + + + + p L + Pp +KPPP + + + +R After 20. Bd5 But not so clear! 21. Qb6 Be7 22. Qc7 Nc6 23. S. Open Champ. Now the pawns march home, or so it seems.

According to the vice president of the German Chess Feder ation, Hans Jürgen Gieseke, the goal of the camp was to “cultivate contacts and friendships across national borders and to increase ... ” Throughout the 40 Chess Life — February 2009 week, workshops on topics such as eth nic cooking, Cold War history, and national sports were offered. ” All campers received a pass to watch the Olympiad and free access to Dresden’s thorough tram system, giving participants the opportunity to tour both the Olympiad and the city in their free time.

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