Cheating at Blackjack & Other Casino Games by Dustin D. Marks

By Dustin D. Marks

Strong ebook taking a look at bending and breaking the principles of 21 by means of changing ones playing cards and/or cash. ideas from the elemental to the outrageous. worthy a learn by way of any severe participant if merely to work out how others take cash off the home.

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Do not make this play on the same shift in the same casino more than once, unless months have passed. Always dress well and look respectable when making this play. You will not always win when you start your hand with a 10 or Ace, but in the long run those hands will make money! The next OEM is a play on words. A Blackjack pays 3 to 2. Any bet that has 50 cents in it cannot be paid off properly. The 50 cents part of the bet should be paid 75 cents if a Blackjack occurs, but the casinos do not have 25 cent chips.

First, if we are talking about a team, each member should have a very specific duty, and that duty should not be duplicated. Most cheating moves are in reality sleight of hand moves with the cards or with the chips. An understanding of the technique and the psychology of the move is absolutely a must. The first requirement is the correct props. Get a Blackjack table, obtain the correct cards, and if you plan a chip move go to the casino and get their specific chips. If you question such recommendations, a true story will illustrate my point.

Most of these plays are very strong, sometimes giving the player a sure win. To be good at OEM you must be able to look a dealer or pit boss in the eye and convince him you did not know you just broke the rules. There are hundreds of OEM and I will give you a few of my favorites, hopefully stimulating your own creativity to come up with some of your own. Each OEM will be explained and I will give you the necessary background information needed to successfully put it into action. The first OEM is very strong.

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