Chagall in Jerusalem by Marc Chagall, Leon Amiel

By Marc Chagall, Leon Amiel

Illustrated with over ninety awesome plates, 50 in radiant colour, this gorgeous quantity tells and indicates how Chagall rose to the problem of reworking the clean partitions and flooring of the country Reception corridor of the Knesset and produced the most appealing unique works in glossy paintings.

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To the city, manner is taken from the second book of Samuel, There we are told that soon and established all city. actual scene depicted chapter it as his capital, and he and almost seems that after Jerusalem, he turned to lead the procession fur- ther into the heart of the The it all David conquered Jerusalem he had the Ark of the Covenant brought after the people accompanied the ark, playing of instruments. David leads the procession blowing shofars and horns in blue and girls on composed of men dancing and playing on cym- bals or tambourines.

Chagall's a venerable bearded man, demanded and in the spirit of the early midrash, which held that whereas on the Red Sea God had manifested himself to the Israelites as a warrior, on Mount Sinai he appeared to them as the European pictorial tradition man. He added two in the guise of a compassionate old be explained by the biblical texts on which he drew. devouring fire on top of the by an angelic winged descriptions (Ezekial bull, 1 The presence or bull. God has several flame- His appearance seemed to the frightened like wings, for though not those : 10 : : and 10 14, 20-22), : of the winged cherub 1 and God 18 : is is has been linked to an ox often said to 11) or to rise by texts, al- ride or fly away on also explained sit, up from behind one 9:3).

Heralded by the small feel- Edenic, an atmosphere of a peaceful childhood of man and animals, of the emergence of life. This expression people to The collision. N. window, which has always been and by the book of is text that Chagall cites for the Bible etchings. Chagall had from the tional interpretation of the child leading thought to be the Messiah, and That the this is all start accepted the tradi- these peaceful animals. He is suggested both by the hint of the halo around his head, a residue of the clearly defined halo in the original etching, and by the mother and child This interpretation And grow 64 there shall is come based on the lying in the lower left-hand corner.

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