Carpentry by Walter Ian Fischman

By Walter Ian Fischman

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C => tun HINGf~. c CID CLEARANCE BETWEEN DOOR AND JAMBS - ~ BUTT HINGE I 0 g ~ LOOSE PIN BUn HINGE SPECIFICAliONS FOR WOOD DOORS l' ::> V) ~O ~WEDGE ~ 0 z BUTT HINGE " 1~ . 1~4:1\· " " " " " . " .. " " OVER 32' TO 37' 4' . UP TO 32' wIDE " OVER 32' TO 37' 5' .. " 2'. 2~4) ~2 " " " 4 ~; OVIR 37' TO Hi 5'EX . HEAVY .. ]' TO ~o' 6'EX HEAVY Installing a door. A: Standard (lush and paneled doors. B: Use wood shims to leuel top of door. C: Use wood shims to get 90-degree-angle casing, using leuel. D: Terms used for installing panel or (lush-door, with hinge sizes.

Cordless electric-drill Keep an extra blade on hand so that you can keep working while a dull blade is being professionally sharpened. After a while, you will get the knack of some special cuts that are delightfully easy with a hand electric-saw. A good example of this is a pocket-cut. As the name implies, this is a section or pocket that is cut out of the center of a board or plywood sheet. To complete this maneuver, have the saw running and the blade-guard retracted as you slowly tilt the saw forward and lower the blade into the wood.

As with plywood, the first strip or panel is the most critical. Following the same scribing technique, mark the piece of wood so that it will fit flush into the corner ofthe wall. Trim it along the marked line, fit it snugly into place and flush-nail it at the very corner. Fasten the other side ofthe board to the furring strips with 2-inch-Iong floor-nails. Since you have trimmed the groove edge of the board to fi t in to the corner, the edge projecting out is the one with the tongue milled into it.

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