By His Majesty's Grace by Jennifer Blake

By Jennifer Blake

The 3 Graces of Graydon are well-born sisters bearing an ominous curse: any guy betrothed to them with no love is doomed to die. a lot to her chagrin, woman Isabel Milton has been given to Earl Rand Braesford - a gift from the Tudor king for his loyalty to the throne. The lusty nobleman fast claims his husbandly rights, an event Isabel scarcely was hoping to get pleasure from a lot. yet early life and energy would possibly not retailer Braesford from his bride's notorious curse...

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Only a mounted troop or king’s herald would have triggered the trumpet salute of warning. They had not long to wait. The clatter of hooves on the stones of the inner court and the jingling of tack came faintly to where they sat. Booted feet sounded upon the tower stairs. Serving men threw open the doors, allowing a cadre of soldiers under the king’s red-dragon banner to march inside. They tramped down the open area between the trestles until they reached the high table. The order to halt rang out and their commanding officer stepped forward, saluting with a mailed arm and gloved fist.

He leaned to offer his aid in helping her to her feet. She lifted her eyes to his, searching their dark gray depths. The concern she saw there was like balm upon an old wound. Affected by it against her will, she reached out slowly to him with her good hand. He enclosed her wrist in the hard, warm strength of his grasp and drew her up until she stood beside him. He steadied her with a hand at her waist until she gained her balance. Then he let her go and stepped back. For a stunned instant, she felt bereft without that support.

To guard them in all ways had been her most fierce purpose since the three of them had been left with a brutish, uncaring stepfather. She had feared Cate and Marguerite, so lovely and tenderly nubile, would be bedded immediately at fourteen, the age of legal marriage following betrothals made in their cradles. By fate and God’s mercy, the three of them had, between them, escaped from ten or twelve such marital arrangements without being joined in formal wedlock or losing their maidenheads. Disease, accident and the fortunes of internecine warfare had taken the lives of their prospective grooms one by one.

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