Bought For The Greek's Bed (Greek Tycoons) (Harlequin by Julia James

By Julia James

Vicky Peters knew her marriage was once for comfort purely! Theo Theakis sought after a society bride, and Vicky wanted monetary aid for her charitable enterprise. but if their marriage ended, Theo stored the money, believing his bride to be a dishonest gold digger! Vicky is decided to get her funds it truly is rightfully hers! So Theo comes to a decision her presence in his mattress can be funds good spent....

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I must. The mantra went round her head, carried by Bach, stopping her thinking of anything else. Anything at all. And especially, above all, what ‘this’ would actually mean… She could feel her eyes flickering and managed to replace the coffee cup on the table in front of her, her head starting to loll. Her restless, tormented night was catching up with her. The dream she slipped into was vivid. Instant. She was on the island. That magical, maquis-clad island, where the azure bowl of the sky cupped land lapped by a cobalt sea, enclosing it in a private, secret world, a world where the outside world ceased to exist, where everything—everyone—was reduced to the elements of which they were made.

She was glad of it, and told herself so. It was totally abundantly obvious that Theo Theakis was as indifferent to her as she could possibly want. Off duty, she could revert to the truth of what she and Theo were to each other. Passing strangers who’d united to help her uncle in the only way he would accept help. Nothing more at all. Until that fatal evening. That fatal moment. When she realised that she was facing a danger she had never, ever dreamt she would have to face. It came right at the end of a large, gruelling dinner party.

Her face darkened. Why the hell had Theo gone and done that? There had been no need—no need whatsoever! What he had accused her of had never been made public, and however much speculation there might have been in the gossiping circles of Athenian society it had remained merely that—gossip. Theo could just have told her uncle that their marriage had broken down, without having to spell out why. After all, that was precisely what they had been going to do anyway, by prearrangement. She had merely precipitated their divorce, nothing more… Merely… The word mocked her.

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