Black Vein Prophecy by Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone

By Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone

Most modern within the struggling with fable sequence, this e-book is an element video game, half novel. Its multi-option adventures contain the reader in role-playing and growing their very own adventures. The authors wrote "The Riddling Reaver", an advent to making fable video games and feature labored for the video games Workshop.

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Turn to 30. 'L . I-buthow did you. . ' he mutters. Then he stares at you intently. ' If you have a Broken Arrow Shaft, tum to 176. Otherwise, turn to 296. 185 You realize that these fellows are indeed all that he claims, and that the brave man standslittle chance of escapingalive. You wade past the other astonished bathers, climb out and quickly wrap a towel round you. Merzei beamsat you. 'I'm glad to seeat least one of you has the good senseto follow me. ' He throws you a jewelled dagger, and you turn to face the cut-throats as they advance.

Tum to 19. arning. You must react quickly. If you have the power o{ Baopoand wish to use 1t/ turn to 41. Otherwise, you had better stand and hope to avoid attackby not threateningthe 'ti1l irightened birds (tum to 118) You hearthe distinctivevolceofBabbalha,your old nursenaid, as she bustlesinto the room. 'You blink a look at her as she busiesherself at her tidying. \ second voice speaks. 'Please,Babba- they are ieady for the boy downstairs. ' \o He's sleeping good enough. We'll let the priestssolt him.

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