Assumed Identity by David Morrell

By David Morrell

From the writer of The Covenant of the Flame and The 5th career. Brendan Buchanan is an undercover intelligence operative who has impersonated greater than 2 hundred humans within the final 8 years. yet now his multi-personality profession threatens to smash him.

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Bartenev gazed spellbound out his window, his heart pounding with the eagerness of a child. Beside him, his wife clasped his hand. He turned to study her beautiful, wrinkled face, and she didn't need to say anything to communicate the pleasure she felt because he would soon fulfill his dream. From the age of eighteen, from the first time he'd seen photographs of the Mayan ruins at Tikal in Guatemala, he had felt an eerie identification with the now-almost-vanished people who had built them. He felt as if he had been there, as if he had been one of the Maya, as if his strength and sweat had helped erect the great pyramids and temples.

Well, that part won't be hard to fake. The CIA does have the biggest Third World dealers on its payroll,' Buchanan said. 'Absolutely. However, that's about to change. Those Third World dealers have become too smug. The information they've been supplying isn't worth squat. They think they can take the agency's money, do virtually nothing in return, and in effect give the agency the finger. ' 'Of course not,' Buchanan said. 'After we grabbed Noriega, other dealers took his place. ' 'Good. You're beginning to sound like your new personality,' Buchanan-Potter's controller said.

All the hotels were shaped like Mayan temples, a row of terraced pyramids along the four-lane highway dividing the sandbar that until twenty-five years ago had been uninhabited. Buchanan ignored them and the red, brick sidewalk along which, concentrating, he walked with deceptive calm. As twilight thickened into night, what he paid attention to were the disturbing proximity of tourists before and behind him, the threatening rumble and glare of traffic passing him on the right, and the ominous shadows among the palm trees that flanked the hotels on his left.

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