Antique Pistol Collecting (1400-1860) by James; Andrews, Ronald Frith

By James; Andrews, Ronald Frith

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Is depressed 5Prin^ 2 lever catch 3 reauUtincj scntv 4- trimr-mrtj 5 trimr-partz FIGURE [27] 7 ANTIQUE PISTOL COLLECTING To bring the hair-trigger into action, 4 is pressed forward, which causes 5 to be pressed down until it engages in the spring-loaded catch 2. The hammer being already cocked it is only necessary to press trigger 4 very lightly. This will release lever 2 when the other part of in the usual way. the trigger 5 will spring upwards, striking the sear of the lock, so causing the hammer to fall.

There had always been a tendency for a pistol to throw high at the moment of firing and this was a most serious disadvantage to a dueUing pistol. To overcome the fault some gunsmiths increased the weight of metal in the barrel, and this certainly helped to counteract the tendency to throw upwards. Therefore with a weapon barrel fitted vnih a heavy-weight and a hair-trigger very great accuracy could be obtained. Not gunsmiths fitted the hair-trigger as a standard fitting. all The famous them only at the request of the customer.

CHAPTER VIII THE DETONATING SYSTEM oe On the 28th December, 1768, there was born a man who was destined name was Forsyth. to revolutionise the system of firearm ignition. His On attaining manhood he entered Aberdeen studied for the Church. lowed He was hcensed as a where he minister in 1791 and folUniversity, his father as minister of Belhelvie in Aberdeenshire. Keenly interested in shooting, he longed for some means of priming his gun other than by the flash-pan. Not only did it suffer from misfires but the flash was seen by the game.

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