A Touch of Minx by Suzanne Enoch

By Suzanne Enoch

Who says crime does not pay? A yr in the past, Samantha Jellicoe robbed from the wealthy and gave . . . to herself! Now, although, she's utilizing her larcenous talents for stable as a personal defense advisor, attempting to stroll the excessive highway for her horny billionaire boyfriend, Richard Addison, and asking herself if there is whatever extra torturous than monitoring down necessary artifacts (only to provide them back!). So while the Metropolitan Museum of artwork asks for her support, she's simply too chuffed to jump into the fray back: If not anything else, this experience may help her stay away from that little (not!) sparkly merchandise Rick's been hiding in his pocket, and put off one other type of walk—down the aisle. it is just while she's specific by means of a dangerous adversary after an analogous treasure that Sam starts off to imagine that "till dying do you half" is perhaps the lesser of 2 evils . . .

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Japanese history, the whole honor versus death thing, fascinated her, and she took her time looking at the various photographs in the book. That was one of the things her father, Martin, hadn’t gotten about her—when she contracted to steal something, she tried to learn everything she could about it first. As far as Martin was concerned, a theft was nothing more than a business transaction, and the item itself didn’t matter. But she liked to learn the age and provenance of items, liked to know what she was holding in her hands and what it meant in the course of history.

She pointed at the seat in the front row, second from the left. “Thanks. ” As soon as Miss Barlow left, Samantha took out her digital camera and snapped photos going around the room. Then she walked back to the door and took a look at it. It had a lock, as did the one at the other end of the room. The second one stopped her for a second. When she looked at the frame, she immediately noticed a tiny patch of sticky residue right above and another one directly below the latch plate. Someone had put a piece of tape across it to keep the door from catching and locking.

Thanks. ” he returned. ” He put a hand on the door frame, the bear guarding his den from what—the cat, she supposed. “No. She called me. ” His eyes narrowed. ” She nodded. “That’s confidential, between me and my client,” she said aloud. He blew out his breath. “Okay. ” Samantha slipped past him and strolled into the living 50 Suzanne Enoch room. Though she and Rick and the Donners had shared more than a couple of outings and dinners, she’d actually been inside their house only once before. Luckily she remembered the layout, because she wasn’t about to ask Donner where the living room was.

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