18th-Century Highlanders (Men-at-Arms, Volume 261) by Stuart Reid

By Stuart Reid

The recent forty third Regiment shaped in 1739 not just wore bonnets, yet had brief jackets in preference to coats, and belted plaids rather than breeches. as well as their firelocks and bayonets they have been armed with Scots broadswords, pistols and dirks. within the early days some of them may also have carried round shields or pursuits. The British military used to be by no means to be a similar back. Stuart Reid explores the background, garments and gear of the 18th-century Highland regiments, in a textual content complemented by way of a large number of images and illustrations, together with complete color plates.

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Ilineers Submarine Miners. Badge: gGld, except for tl\e arm, which as flesh-coloured. 5. ild Cavalry. lc:-s. e of ttie devices car"ied on the sheets ot 7t"·e Horse Gc1ards and the Horse GrcnadiQr Guards in the 'Tiiddle of the 18tt1 century were similar to tlrose borne 1Jn tneir standards dun1g the reign of King Charli2-s il. ::md:1. all i'lrglet1 towards the centre. rer. te~·•ce. 3 issue et flags. 1r1d a guidon. rried the sarie devices. A surviving bill records that 1n 1 /ti1 the cost for each pi3ir of flags was £30.

But merely an er11t1l~1ni:lt1c i i;ipresentatior of castles in ganariil. The fringE'! > mixed silver and blue. m Plate F are of mixed gold and crimson. JRckson. E. S.. ·1 Olri G&J va/ry Regiment (London. 19{)9:•. The Guidon of the 8th Dragoons, taken into u&oe in 1801- Staeet: yellow damask with a sliver fringe. 'Waterloo scroll: blue with sitver edges and lettering. Lower •croi:I: black on white with a sliver edge. Thi& rather sumpblou& guidon wn the first to be acquired by a new colonel, Maj.

Lard".. or guidons. 1770. spect. i ree\an'jjlular Instead Of :swallow• tslled. The device should be '7D' in silver; instead it ia. the Royal coat of arms Jn rod-brown, perhaps intended for gold. > carnp. ~ . pla~ · cd in the- cnitrt'. nb, dl'agoo ns aud ligl1 I. rlragoo11 ;5 ''ere ~'t'L\lJm,·­ tailc (l, and 18ins u11 the pole. The pole iL~c:lf \\its to he itt 6i1h long . :giment. 1l:in ... 1ssi'>L thf'. nuastP r in marking 011{ Lhc carnp an(l keeping it clean. i11g roots , arc: ou1n~ me11t-; and< lorhes .

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