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at such a moment likely made for merciful relief. The Monday night option? Westwood One radio’s Kevin Harlan, who hollers at everything, but can’t explain much because he understands little. But it’s his hollering that also makes him attractive to CBS and TNT as a multiple sport constant. Late in the first half, with
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the Skins down, 7 3, Washington had a drive choked by a misconduct penalty against career me first wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Harlan, a panderer’s panderer, gave it a no big deal mention. The day before, Harlan and Rich Gannon called the Bills Jets game on CBS. As the kickoff headed toward the latest "talented but troubled" Jet, Percy
cheap nfl jerseys china Harvin (that Seattle had made good riddance of him went ignored), Harlan, always reaching to substitute plain talk with the faux slick and trite, said, "Harvin, looking into that bright, New England sun." An excusable error but only
authentic cheap jerseys for those who usually know what they’re talking about. At 7 0, Buffalo, Bills defensive back Stephon Gilmore returned


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