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they had won their first international contract for Paveway IV missiles in a deal worth The firm
authentic cheap jerseys said they would deliver hundreds of the bombs to their secret buyer. Raytheon have also been supplying the RAF with Paveway IVs since 2008. The Ministry of Defence have admitted that they supplied Saudi
cheap nfl jerseys Arabia with the bombs that were originally earmarked for the RAF. Responding on July 14 to a written question in the Lords about the help Britain had given the Saudis against Houthi rebels, the MoD said: "We are not participating directly in Saudi led military operations in Yemen, but we are providing technical support, precision guided weapons
cheap jerseys and exchanging information with the Saudi Arabian armed forces throughpre existing arrangements." Donatella Rovera of Amnesty International The Royal United Services Institute a UK defence and security think tank told the Sunday Mail that Paveway IV missiles were being used by the Saudis in Yemen. Michael Stephens, of RUSI, said: "The UK had Paveway IV missiles


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