Unified Lagrangian Formulation for Fluid and Solid by Alessandro Franci

By Alessandro Franci

This publication treats the derivation and implementation of a unified particle finite aspect formula for the answer of fluid and strong mechanics, Fluid-Structure interplay (FSI) and paired thermal problems.

FSI difficulties are considering many engineering branches, from aeronautics to civil and biomedical engineering. The numerical process proposed during this ebook has been designed to accommodate a wide a part of those. particularly, it's able to simulating safely free-surface fluids interacting with constructions that can endure huge displacements, be afflicted by thermo-plastic deformations or even soften. the tactic accuracy has been effectively demonstrated in numerous numerical examples. The thesis additionally comprises the appliance of the proposed numerical approach for the simulation of a true business problem.

This thesis, defended on the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in 2015, used to be chosen (ex aequo) because the most sensible PhD thesis in numerical equipment in Spain for the yr 2015 through the Spanish Society of Numerical equipment in Engineering (SEMNI).

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In the following summation of terms for repeated indices is assumed, unless otherwise specified. 6) Multiplying Eqs. 7) ˙ represents the material time derivative. where the symbol (·) Integrating by parts the term involving σi j in Eq. 8) is the standard form of the Principle of Virtual Power [1]. The spatial discretization is introduced using the classical FEM-Galerkin procedure [2]. 9) I =1 where, assuming the use of simplicial elements, n = 3/4 for 2D/3D problems is the ¯ denotes a nodal value, the capital subscript number of the nodes of the element, (·) specifies the node and the lower case subscript represents the cartesian direction.

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