Smart Coatings by Theodore Provder and Jamil Baghdachi (Eds.)

By Theodore Provder and Jamil Baghdachi (Eds.)

content material: Twenty-first century fabrics: coatings that engage with their atmosphere / Robert F. Bradley, Jr. --
clever coatings. Core-shell debris containing poly(n-Butyl Acrylate) cores and chitosan shells as a singular sturdy antibacterial end / Weijun Ye ... [et al.] --
formula and overview of natural antibacterial coatings / D.L. Clemans ... [et al.] --
Silicone polymers with biocide grafting for antifouling/fouling liberate coatings: impact of modulus and antifouling functionality / Johnson Thomas ... [et al.] --
Thermoset siloxane-Urethane fouling unencumber coatings / Partha Majumdar, Abdullah Elkin, and Dean C. Webster --
shrewdpermanent responsive coatings from combined polymer brushes / Sergiy Minko --
Surface-catalyzed progress of polymer motion pictures that reply to pH / Dongshun Bai, mind M. Habersberger, and G. Kane Jennings --
strain sensing paints in accordance with fluoroacrylic polymers doped with phosphorescent divalent osmium complexes / Brenden Carlson and Gregory D. Phelan --
improvement of a detachable conformal coating during the artificial incorporation of diels-alder thermally reversible adducts into an epoxy resin / J.H. Aubert ... [et al.] --
Electroactive polymer coatings as replacements for chromate conversion coatings / P. Zarras ... [et al.] --
Oxidation resistive coating at excessive temperatures for iron cores / Charles A. Sizemore and Chhiu-Tsu Lin.

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A . Marine Pollution Bulletin 6. T e r l i z z i , A . ; Gianguzza, P . ; Faimali, M . ; Boero, F . Conserv Mar Freshw Ecosyst 7. Ikeda, 8. Aquat 2001, 11, 311-317. T . ; Y a m a g u c h i , H . ; Tazuke, Chemotherapy 2003, 46(8), 935-940. S. Antimicrobial Agents and 1984, 26(2), 139-44. Hazziza-Laskar, J . ; Helary, G . ; Sauvet, G . Journal of Applied Polymer Science 1995, 58(1), 77-84. 9. N u r d i n , N . ; Helary, G . ; Sauvet, G . Journal of Applied Polymer Science 1993, 50(4), 663-70. 10.

Over the last 100 years, many studies have been published where the antimicrobial activity o f silver ions has been quantified. Recent papers suggest that the mode o f action o f silver ions varies depending upon the target organism, and can interact with functional groups on proteins containing sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, and oxygen (26). Further, silver ions have been shown to disrupt the T C A cycle, electron transport system, phosphate uptake, transport o f various metabolites, and the polarization o f bacterial membranes (26).

The solvent resistance was tested according to A S T M D 5402-93 using 7 0 % ethanol in water as the solvent. The tape adhesion test was done according to A S T M D 3359-92a. The film hardness was determined using pencil hardness test according to A S T M D 3363. The film thickness was tested according to A S T M D 1400. The results are shown i n Table I. ch003 Table I. Key Physical Properties of Prototype Antimicrobial Coatings. as I t 1 § § S' 1 1 § § «*>•. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2007.

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