New Aspects of Cheap Food. With a Table of Foods in by Rudolph Keller

By Rudolph Keller

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Later, other investigators tested the molasses diet, and came to the same conclusion as the Boston investigators. It was found that molasses contains more assimilable iron and other minerals than spinach, besides which it appeals to the children's palate. Investigations showed that England 'and Scotland had industrial districts in which 73% of the women and 45% of the children were anaemic. Doubtless this was not entirely caused by refined sugar, but I believe that the immoderate consumption of highly processed sugar contributes to this deplorable state of health.

Thus, they have proved even an excess of milk to be unsuitable for puppies of an age beyond the suckling stage. It is not only the iron or the copper, manganese or other substances that are deficient, but the natural milk is too watery, as it contains only a maximum of 15% dry substance, to 85% of water—an excellent preparation for an animal which itself ha*s a similar watery constitution. Gradually, however, the water and sodium escape from the tissues, muscles and liver, although adhering to an exclusively milk diet an adult animal with less liquid-need is given a watery milk diet continually.

The embryo obtains from its mother a supply of iron in the liver, pancreas, muscles and other organs, with which to meet the small ironneeds of the breast-fed child. But after six months the iron reserves have disappeared and the child becomes anaemic unless given a little fruit juice or molasses. The American pathologists of the Mayo clinic, Whipple and his co-workers, who won the Nobel Prize for their successful studies of anaemia, made their experimental puppies anaemic by feeding them exclusively on milk at an age when other foods are indispensable.

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