Radcases Neuro Imaging by Roy Riascos, Eliana Bonfante

By Roy Riascos, Eliana Bonfante

This publication isn't meant to educate neuroradiology--it is just a evaluate of the main widespread pathologies and serves as a device which will inform them aside. after all, telling them aside isn't really regularly attainable, and that's the entire trick of giving a pertinent set of differential diagnoses and attempting to want one over the opposite. Our recommendation is to regularly examine the 1st picture and take a look at to explain up to you can, Read more...

summary: This e-book isn't really meant to coach neuroradiology--it is barely a assessment of the main widespread pathologies and serves as a device so as to inform them aside. after all, telling them aside isn't really consistently attainable, and that's the entire trick of giving a pertinent set of differential diagnoses and attempting to want one over the opposite. Our suggestion is to continuously examine the 1st photo and take a look at to explain up to you could, as though it was once the single snapshot you had to be had, then plow through the remainder of the pictures and spot if the idea method used to be related. it'd be very unlikely to incorporate all of the pertinent differential diagnoses for every case with the layout hassle of 3 differential diagnoses consistent with case. this fashion of educating imaging research can either be just like and extremely diversified out of your day-by-day scientific perform. usually, the pertinent discovering or telltale signal to accomplish a prognosis lies in precisely many of the photos inside a complete exam; in spite of the fact that, you want to see the total case and locate those. the following, pictures which were deemed key by means of another person are chosen, supplying you with the benefit of a targeted seek however the issue of a slender illustration. you'll end up pissed off through delivering a unconditionally various differential prognosis from the only provided to you the following, yet bear in mind that an identical case may have a totally diversified technique in response to how it is gifted, the order of the photographs, or the discovering during which you're focusing your strategy of concept. extra references are supplied that will help you widen the scope of your assessment, in particular in topics that you could be locate more difficult or controversial--Provided through writer

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Pearls & ˚ Pitfalls ¸ Lesions may not be apparent in infants and do not ˚ become noticeable until myelination has reached an advanced stage. The caudate tail along the lateral wall of the lateral ventricles should not be misinterpreted as ectopic gray matter. 8/11/10 8:54:59 AM 19 Case 10 A B ■ Clinical Presentation A patient with a history of developmental delay and seizures. com RadCases Neuro Imaging ■ Imaging Findings A B C D (A) Axial computed tomography scan of the brain demonstrates a small outpouching of the lateral wall of the right lateral ventricle, lined by gray matter (arrow).

Vasogenic edema is uncommon. • Low-grade astrocytoma: In low-grade astrocytoma, the location is more central, and the cortex is rarely involved. Calcification is infrequent. All the other characteristics are similar to those of oligodendroglioma. • Dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumor (DNET): DNET is a benign, well-marginated lesion. DNET has a cortical location but is more frequently in the temporal lobe. It has a “bubbly” appearance on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), variable enhancement (20%), and calcification (25%).

They arise from the floor of the 4th ventricle (medulloblastomas usually arise from the roof). • Pilocytic astrocytoma: These are the most common pediatric brain tumors. They are cystic with a mural nodule. They have low attenuation on CT (medulloblastomas are typically hyperattenuated). The most common location is the cerebellar hemisphere. • CT: • Well-defined vermian mass • Surrounding vasogenic edema (97%) • High density because of compact cells (90%) • Hydrocephalus • Homogeneous enhancement • Cyst formation (50%) • Rarely calcify (20%) • Magnetic resonance imaging: • Hypointensse relative to white matter on T1-weighted images • Heterogeneous on T2WIs • High choline peak with reduced N-acetylaspartate on spectroscopy ■ Essential Facts • Arise from undifferentiated cells of the posterior medullary velum • Lateral location more frequent in older children • Brainstem infiltration in 33% • Recurrence rates are high.

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