Dynamic Morphology of Leukemia Cells: A Comparative Study by by Dr. Heidi Felix, Dr. Gisela Haemmerli, Prof. Dr. Peter

By Dr. Heidi Felix, Dr. Gisela Haemmerli, Prof. Dr. Peter Sträuli (auth.)

Dynamic Morphology is the try to correlate floor architec­ ture and form of mounted cells, as visualized by way of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), with the habit of dwelling cells, recorded through microcinematography (MCM). If SEM and MCM are used at the same time for the research of cellphone populations, a dynamic inter­ pretation of SEM images is just legitimate if the experimental stipulations are exact for the 2 recommendations. this can be accomplished through permitting the cells to choose a pitcher floor the place they continue to be lengthy adequate to accomplish their a number of actions below stipulations exact for either recommendations (for technical information see Methodology). The research of a inhabitants necessitates the learn of a big variety of cells. This prerequisite is met by way of working the scanning electron micro­ scope at low degrees of magnification, and through the use of tradition chambers for cinematography. it may be argued that the examina­ tion of connected cells excludes an entire SEM survey of a inhabitants, as cells now not adhering from the outset or changing into indifferent throughout the varied preparatory steps are misplaced. For this, cinematography proved to be a competent keep an eye on: All mobilephone kinds famous in time-lapse movies have been additionally visible in scanning electron (SE) micrographs. one other, and extra normal, objection to a dynamic interpretation issues the artificiality of mobile habit on glass. this is often actual, yet doesn't invalidate compara­ tive experiences utilising this substrate.

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Leukemic myeloblasts a The three phase-contrast pictures from a time-lapse sequence show a myeloblast during on-spot motility. The cell is fastened to the glass substrate by an extension that is used as a stalk for the performance of oscillating movements. The cell in the first position appears blurred because of its swaying out of focus. Note the changes of shape that the cell undergoes during its activity b The upright position of the polarized cell (arrow), fastened to a spread thrombocyte, suggests on-spot motility a Phase contrast: x 1900 b SEM: x 8200 42 AML Case 4 A different situation is presented by this population of leukemic myeloblasts: many cells are engaged in slow locomotion moving in the polarized configuration of the blast pattern of locomotion.

2 ~mlmin. f ca 30 ~m in 13 and 10 min respectively a SEM: x 16,400 44 b Drawing from a time-lapse film sequence a b 46 a LEUKEMIC MYELOBLASTS AML: A . L. 3 fJm /min 13 . 3 min 3 . 0 min 47 Figure 27. Leukemic myeloblasts A special feature of the polarized myeloblasts of this population is shown in the two SEM photographs (a, b): the tendency to make contact with the front while the posterior part is lifted into the medium. Contact is established by broad folds. Similar folds cover the rest of the cell body a SEM: x 14,200 b SEM: x 14,600 48 a ~~ ~~ _ _ _ _ AML Case 5 Again a new aspect of an acute myeloid leukemia: a mixed population of myeloblasts, promyelocytes and more mature cells from the myeloid series.

Leukemic myeloblasts (before onset of therapy) (see page 30) The large veils shown in the SEM photographs (a and c) indicate sUI/ace motility. films (b) where similar configurations (arrow) are the result of this activity. Several cells have settled on a spread thrombocyte (a) a SEM: x 7800 b Phase contrast: x 1900 c SEM: x 9300 Figure 16. [ therapy) (see page 31) a Spheric cells are settled on a spread thrombocyte. [ a cytoplasmic attachment plate a SEM: x 4700 28 b SEM: x 16,000 29 30 b 31 Figure 17.

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