Dresden Files RPG, Volume 1: Your Story (Preorder Edition) by Kenneth Hite, Jim Butcher, Fred Hicks, Leonard Balsera,

By Kenneth Hite, Jim Butcher, Fred Hicks, Leonard Balsera, Genevieve Cogman, Chad Underkoffler, Rob Donoghue, Clark Valentine, Ryan Macklin

For many humans, Chicago is Chicago, the US is the US, and Earth is Earth—but there’s extra to the realm than that.

Beneath the “normal” floor of the realm are issues and other people which such a lot people don’t
know approximately, don’t need to know approximately, and may do their top to ignore in the event that they ever
come at any place close to them. That lifeless physique with the peculiar toothmarks? Attacked by way of stray
dogs. The strains of thirty diversified infectious illnesses in this corpse? Statistical anomaly. The Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton from the museum scattered in one thousand items at the university garden? pupil prank.

People won’t see issues they don’t are looking to see. many of the electorate of Chicago might chuckle on the inspiration of magic, even if Harry Dresden has his quantity and career correct within the yellow pages. It’s constantly attainable for everybody, from heroes to bystanders, to show away and never get entangled. It’s frequently the best factor on the planet to do. you could choose from sturdy and evil, gentle and darkness, risk and necessity, taking motion and going domestic to twist up with a great book.

The global is more unusual, extra exceptional, and extra lethal than it kind of feels. a few people
know this. There are those who comprehend that magic exists and comprehend who to name while they
run into it. There are people who've been divinely blessed or diabolically cursed. There
are faeries—small, monstrous, highly old and terrifying. There are dragons, even though nowadays it’s stated they give thought to bearer bonds in addition to gold for his or her hoards.

The Nevernever—the global of fae and ghosts—is simply at the different part of a veil from
normal lifestyles; courts of vampires divide the evening between them; the White Council of wizards
tries to guard the blameless and prevent the misuse of magic.

All of this is often happening, correct less than our noses. although, this is often additionally an international the place a single
person, within the correct position, on the correct time, can do definitely the right factor and keep the folk he cares about.

Here in what we regularly prefer to name “the Dresdenverse,” we will be able to decide to be humans who
see, who make our personal paths, who do the ideal factor, and take the accountability for doing it. visible essentially, this global is stuffed with gentle and darkness, with all of the colors of gray between.
Join us, if in basic terms in play. simply because it’s just a e-book, a video game, a roleplaying leisure of
magic and monsters.

Isn’t it?

You be the pass judgement on.

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After you’ve made characters, you’ll come back to all of these and develop the aspects for your city (see “Finalize Your City,” page 46). Alongside that, threats (and some themes) will also generate some faces— NPCs that the PCs will have to deal with. That will also be addressed in the “Finalize Your City” section. If you’ve played this or another Fate game before, you may have already made these into aspects. That’s great! But if not, don’t worry. Later we’ll tell you how to turn these ideas you have into juicy aspects and faces.

Maybe we’d have it be Accorded Neutral Ground, but we’d figure that out later. This café would be a hangout for the city’s supernatural-aware community. We also brought up the idea of a band of renegade sorcerers, a strong clan of White Court vampires (complete with power struggle going on within), weak and disorganized bands of Red and Black Court vamps, and—Davian kept insisting on this—a strong ghoul clan. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n Locations in o Your City p q r s t u v w x y z At this point, you should have a pretty good high-level view of the supernatural—and supernaturally aware—population of your city, and how it ties together with the city’s themes and threats.

Cops? Religious? Nobody? Example: Chicago Father Forthill at Saint Mary’s of the Angels offers protection from the supernatural. The Special Investigations division of the Chicago PD is an important part of the picture, as are criminal organizations like Marcone’s. Especially as Marcone becomes more aware of Harry’s world, the role of mortals in maintaining Chicago’s safety is great indeed. Example: Baltimore It’s possible that the cops have an SI-like unit; but we’re not trying to recreate Harry’s casefiles line by line.

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