Diagnostic breast imaging: mammography, sonography, magnetic by Sylvia H. Heywang-Kobrunner, Visit Amazon's Ingrid Schreer

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Comprehensive and systematic, this significant re-creation covers all imaging modalities for diagnosing breast problems. you will discover professional guidance at the position of mammography, high-resolution ultrasound, MRI and percutaneous biopsy to accomplish your diagnostic pursuits, and reap the benefits of a realistic evaluation of the physics, histology, pathology, and quality controls wanted by way of those that practice breast imaging procedures.

New key good points: puppy and novel modalities, Lymph nodes (sentinel node), Staging breast melanoma New ACR classifications, Doppler ultrasound, Stereotactic ultrasound biopsy, Full-breast electronic imaging and computer-aided analysis, Mammotome, up to date references.

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The correct position of the photocell will depend on the size of the breast. Improper positioning of the photocell will result in incorrect exposure. Problems may occur with very small breasts that cannot cover the photocell or with silicon implants (see p. 34). í Film Processing Since deviations in chemical composition or developing time and temperature can cause problems with image contrast, noise, sensitivity, and fog, it is essential to process the film strictly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and regularly monitor processing (see pp.

20 3. 05 mm Rh Voltage : 30 kV f 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 keV Fig. 030-mm molybdenum filter combination at 25 kV peak kilovoltage as it is emitted from the X-ray tube (a), and as it is measured at the image receptor after penetrating a 4-cm breast phantom (b). The respective spectra of radiation in the right and left pictures are normalized according to the maximum energy (= 100%) present in the respective spectrum. Comparing the left and right illustration reveals that the low energies are absorbed in the breast.

23 For these reasons, high-contrast films require an optimally adjusted automatic exposure control system, a precisely positioned photocell, and constantly optimized film processing. It is also important to understand that the increased image noise associated with particularly low-dose screen–film systems (screen noise and quantum noise) diminishes the clarity of detail (Fig. 8). Sometimes the very short exposures (necessary for small breast) are not possible on some equipment, leading to overexposure.

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