Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis of Breast by Dr. med Marton Lanyi (auth.)

By Dr. med Marton Lanyi (auth.)

Very thorough wisdom of breast pathology is a sine qua non for interpretation of breast movies ... growth in X-ray analysis may merely be made through cautious comparability of the movie with the particular specimen. H.INGLEBY Multiplication of an analogous e"oneous prognosis doesn't make that prognosis co"ect. J.G.AzZOPARDI mockingly adequate, our uniqueness considers the radiologist who mis­ takes a pores and skin fibroma or the calcifications in a sponge kidney for a child­ ney stone to lack easy wisdom, whereas the radiologist who imme­ diately demands the health professional as a result of a couple of white spots on a mammogram is believed to be appearing in response to the principles of scientific perform. Misunderstandings and confusion with reference to breast pathology in addition to the cozy philosophy that superfluous biopsies are the fee we need to pay for the early detection of carcinomas have in lots of locations resulted in a lack of self belief in mammography. but this can be a meth­ od with which carcinomas may be detected prior to with the other imaging technique.

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While the calcium tablets exhibit the teacup sign without compression (a), the "bottom sediment" becomes heaped up when compression is applied (b) psammoma bodies in the cyst lumen (Figs. 38 c). Sometimes milk of calcium cysts present a fusiform shape on lateral mammograms. This is most likely caused by the compression of the breast, which heaps the loose sediment into a pile (Fig. 29 b). Milk of calcium cysts may be clustered or scattered. 31). Ifthe secretion is not calcified in all cysts, but several cysts within a larger area contain calcified secretions, a "pseudocluster" is created.

If such cysts contained milk of calcium, the picture of clustered milk of calcium cysts would appear a b 59 Microcystic Disease with Milk of Calcium Cysts Fig. 32. Drawing showing how a "pseudocluster" of milk of calcium cysts (black spots) is created. :::.. a b Fig. 33 a, b. Details of mammograms (4 x). a Craniocaudad view: round-to-oval cluster of about 15 faint, rounded microcalcifications. bThe cluster also appears rounded on the lateral view. 34. Summation of the contours of 34 microcalcification clusters in histologically confirmed milk of calcium cysts (craniocaudad view).

The acini are lined with epithelium whose outermost row consists of myoepithelial cells (myothelia). These epithelial cells contain bundles of smooth muscle filaments and envelop the acini. The milk is extruded from the alveoli by the contraction of these cells. The basement membrane separates the acini from the loose intralobular connective tissue. This latter mesenchymal structure contains a dense network of capillary vessels. This network is the medium by which, on the one hand, hormones are transported from the bloodstream into the epithelium, and on the other, retained secretions are cleared into the lymphatic system (the "epithelial-stromal junction" of OZELLO, 1970).

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