Designing and Building with UHPFRC by Jacques Resplendino, François Toulemonde

By Jacques Resplendino, François Toulemonde

This ebook comprises the complaints of the overseas workshop “Designing and construction with Ultra-High functionality Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC): state-of-the-art and Development”, equipped through AFGC, the French organization for Civil Engineering and French department of fib, in Marseille (France), November 17-18, 2009. This workshop used to be interested by the adventure of loads of fresh UHPFRC realizations.

via greater than 50 papers, this e-book info the adventure of many nations in UHPFRC building and layout, together with initiatives from Japan, Germany, Australia, Austria, united states, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada… and France. The initiatives are labeled as novel architectural suggestions, new frontiers for bridges, new equipments and structural parts, and increasing the provider lifetime of buildings. The final half provides significant examine effects, sturdiness and sustainability points, and the up-to-date AFGC tips about UHPFRC.

Chapter 1 creation: what's a UHPFRC? (pages 3–14): Jacques Resplendino
Chapter 2 UHPFRC: Science?driven fabric Engineering provides Sustainable options (pages 15–20): Paul Acker and Franz?Josef Ulm
Chapter three UHPFRC improvement: assessment of a making a choice on program (pages 21–42): Gerard Birelli
Chapter four UHPFRC improvement: adventure with Ductal® over the last 20 years (pages 43–62): Jean?Francois Batoz and Mouloud Behloul
Chapter five UHPFRC improvement: The event of BSI® purposes (pages 63–76): Thierry Thibaux
Chapter 6 The Enrico Navarra Gallery (pages 79–86): Rudy Ricciotti, Romain Ricciotti and Patrick Mazzacane
Chapter 7 UHPFRC – a cloth for Perforated Panels and Lattice paintings: Controlling Shrinkage which will scan with a variety of Shapes (pages 87–100): Dominique Stoeux, Jean?Francois Batoz, Laurence Jacques and Louis Guingot
Chapter eight The Jean Bouin Stadium (pages 101–108): Rudy Ricciotti, Guillaume Lamoureux and Romain Ricciotti
Chapter nine The Passerelle des Anges Footbridge (pages 111–124): Patrick Mazzacane, Romain Ricciotti and Francois Teply
Chapter 10 Gartnerplatz – Bridge over River Fulda in Kassel: Multispan Hybrid UHPC?Steel Bridge (pages 0–136): Ekkehard Fehling, Kai Bunje and Michael Schmidt
Chapter eleven building of the PS34 UHPFRC Bridge (pages 137–148): Olivier Delauzun, Damien Rogat, Laurent Boutillon, Lionel Linger and Christian Clergue
Chapter 12 The Innovation and alertness of UHPFRC Bridges in Japan (pages 149–188): Yoshihiro Tanaka, Koichi Maekawa, Yutaka Kameyama, Akio Ohtake, Hiroyuki Musha and Norio Watanabe
Chapter thirteen point of view on UHPCs from a expert development corporation (pages 189–208): Mark Rebentrost and Gavin Wight
Chapter 14 highway Bridge “Wild”: program of the UHPFRC Precast Segmental development process for an Arch constitution (pages 209–220): Michael Reichel, Bernhard Freytag and Lutz Sparowitz
Chapter 15 UHPC within the US road Infrastructure (pages 221–234): Benjamin Graybeal
Chapter sixteen ITE® Beams, a Cost?effective Enduring replacement to Filler?beam Decks (pages 235–248): Ziad Hajar, Marco Novarin, Alain Simon, Thierry Thibaux, Sandrine Chanut and Rene?Gerard Sale
Chapter 17 UHPFRC Waffle Deck thought for a Bridge at Livron?Loriol (pages 249–262): Ferry Tavakoli, Sebastien Bouteille and Francois Toutlemonde
Chapter 18 UHPFRC Prototype for a versatile Modular transitority High?Speed Railway Bridge (pages 263–278): Michael Reichel, Guido Altersberger and Lutz Sparowitz
Chapter 19 powerful use of UHPC for Deep beginning Piles (pages 279–294): Sri Sritharan, Tom Vande Voort and Muhannad Suleiman
Chapter 20 layout of Prestressed UHPFRC Girder Bridges in line with Canadian street Bridge layout Code (pages 295–316): Husham Almansour and Zoubir Lounis
Chapter 21 CRC: Precast functions of UHPFRC (pages 319–330): Bendt Aarup
Chapter 22 Contribution of UHPFRCs within the remedy of Thermal Bridges (pages 331–348): Thierry Burckel, Laurence Jacques, Alain Birault, Laurent Heintz, Jacques Daliphard and Mouloud Behloul
Chapter 23 UHPFRC Sunshades: a chic resolution for Regulating warmth enter in constructions (pages 349–362): Laurence Jacques, Yves Fournier, Jean?Yves Jousselin and Jean?Francois Batoz
Chapter 24 research of UHPFRC Slabs lower than Blast lots (pages 363–376): Mark Rebentrost and Gavin Wight
Chapter 25 adventure with Prefabricated UHPFRC within the Netherlands (pages 377–390): Steffen Grunewald, Rik Weyns and Jan Dekkers
Chapter 26 Precast Bridge Parapets in extremely excessive functionality Fiber?Reinforced Concrete (pages 391–404): Jean?Philippe Charron, Eric Niamba and Bruno Massicotte
Chapter 27 utilizing UHPFRC for advanced Facade parts (pages 405–420): Rene Suter, Lionel Moreillon, Christian Clergue and Roger Racordon
Chapter 28 leading edge box solid UHPC Joints for Precast Bridge Decks. layout, Prototype trying out and tasks (pages 421–436): Vic Perry and Gary Weiss
Chapter 29 The excessive functionality Cementitious fabric (HPCM), a Cousin of UHPFRC for Long?Life Pavement (pages 437–446): Francois De Larrard
Chapter 30 functionality of UHPC Crossarms for High?Voltage Transmission strains (pages 447–466): Raafat El?Hacha, Hani Abdelazeem and Ignacio Cariaga
Chapter 31 Structural assessment of Hybrid FRP?UHPC Bridge Girders (pages 467–480): Ayman Elmahdy, Raafat El?Hacha, Nigel Shrive and Vic Perry
Chapter 32 Museum of ecu and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM): The Owner's Ambition (pages 481–486): Gerard Gazon
Chapter 33 Museum of ecu and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM): excessive UHPFRC content material constitution layout (pages 487–500): Rudy Ricciotti, Jacques Portelatine and Florence Nicolas
Chapter 34 Museum of eu and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM) : Experimentation and Modeling of hetero and Y?shaped UHPFRC Prestressed Columns below the motion of an Off?Centered Vertical Load (pages 501–528): Philippe Rivillon, Jacques Portelatine and Florence Nicolas
Chapter 35 Seismic Retrofitting of Bridge Piers with UHPFRC Jackets (pages 531–540): Bruno Massicotte and Guillaume Boucher?Proulx
Chapter 36 program of Ultra?high?strength Fiber?reinforced Concrete for Irrigation Channel fix Works (pages 541–552): Tsuyoshi Ono
Chapter 37 utilizing UHPFRC for Structural Reinforcement of constructions and Civil Works (pages 553–564): Thierry Thibaux
Chapter 38 extremely excessive functionality Concrete for Prestressed components. curiosity of Creep Prediction (pages 567–574): Philippe Francisco, Farid Benboudjema, Patrick Rougeau and Jean?Michel Torrenti
Chapter 39 Rheology of Fiber?reinforced Cementitious fabrics: simple innovations and alertness to UHPFRC (pages 575–578): Laetitia Martinie, Pierre Rossi and Nicolas Roussel
Chapter forty habit of UHPFRC at excessive Temperatures (pages 579–600): Pierre Pimienta, Jean?Christophe Mindeguia, Alain Simon and Mouloud Behloul
Chapter forty-one Ant Colony Optimization for extremely excessive functionality Concrete constructions (pages 601–618): Martin Flint, Steffen Grunewald and Jeroen Coenders
Chapter forty two research of Biaxial tension States of UHPC Bridge Girders via Small Panel checking out and Finite aspect research (pages 619–638): Kacie D'Alessandro, Carin Roberts?Wollmann, Thomas Cousins and Elisa Sotelino
Chapter forty three an summary of analysis Advances from 2002 referring to UHPFRC, in View of Updating the AFGC innovations (pages 639–664): Francois Toutlemonde, Bernard Foure, Luca Sorelli, Florent child, Pierre Marchand and Franz Josef Ulm
Chapter forty four An instance of UHPFRC Recycling (pages 667–680): Thierry Sedran, Cedric Durand and Francois De Larrard
Chapter forty five extremely excessive functionality Concrete and its Contribution to Sustainable improvement (pages 681–696): Jean?Francois Batoz and Mathieu Rivallain
Chapter forty six box event of UHPFRC sturdiness in an Air Cooling Tower (pages 697–710): Francois Toutlemonde, Myriam Carcasses and Maxime Lion
Chapter forty seven extremely excessive functionality Concrete: New AFGC strategies (pages 713–722): Jacques Resplendino
Chapter forty eight New AFGC tips about UHPFRC: bankruptcy 1 – Mechanical features and behaviour of UHPFRC (pages 723–742): Alain Simon
Chapter forty nine New AFGC tips about UHPFRC: bankruptcy 2 – layout (pages 743–754): Pierre Marchand
Chapter 50 New AFGC tips about UHPFRC: bankruptcy three – toughness (pages 755–764): Myriam Carcasses
Chapter fifty one extremely excessive functionality Concrete and Sustainable improvement: Synthesis of accessible information (pages 765–770): Pierre Marchand

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14 Designing and Building with UHPFRC [RES 07a] RESPLENDINO J. et al. “Construction d’un Passage supérieur sur l’autoroute A51, en caisson précontraint Réalisé en Béton Fibré ultra performant (BFUP)”, GC2007, Paris, 2007. [RES 07b] RESPLENDINO J. & BOUTEILLE S. “Etude de solutions de tabliers de ponts réalisés en Béton Fibré Ultra Performant (BFUP) et en Matériau Composite (Fibre de verre)”, GC2007, Paris, 2007. [RES 08] RESPLENDINO J. “Ultra-High Performance Concretes – recent realizations and research programs on UHPFRC bridges in France”, Int.

In Australia, significant activity has developed based on the realization of structures [CAV 03] and the use of such materials in shields to protect against explosions. In 2005, the Germans started an ambitious program of research (€10,000,000) over six years involving a large number of universities under the guidance of the University of Kassel. They have little experience in the design and actual use of the material due to a lack of companies and building owners involved in the development of these technologies.

The steel reinforcement is limited to acting principal forces on large sections. To enable the design of structures without any reinforcements, it was necessary to develop rules for specific calculations. This objective absolutely necessary to produce a work in public domain was one of the main motivations that led to the drafting of the AFGC (Association Français de Gènie Civil) recommendations on UHPFRC. 2. The main UHPFRC available on the market UHPFRC currently available on the market in France are: – the different DUCTAL® concretes, including RPC (Reactive Powder Concrete) from the research program between Bouygues, Lafarge and Rhodia in France and marketed by LAFARGE; – BSI/CERACEM® developed by the group with EIFFAGE SIKA; – BCV® developed by the cement and the Vicat group Vinci.

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