Death of a Model by Clifford L. Linedecker

By Clifford L. Linedecker

A attractive actress-model disappears with out a word...A frantic seek results in tragedy...A slick photographer accused of her murder...
It appeared as though all of Linda Sobek's goals of stardom have been coming real. yet at the day the horny calendar version and previous NFL cheerleader ignored a becoming for her first television function, her relations knew whatever poor had occurred to their golden girl.
For 8 days, police held out little desire of discovering the 27-year-old attractiveness alive. Then the the most important clues got here: images of Linda in addition to a crumpled web page from her appointment ebook have been came across in a road dumpster. Hours later, they have been resulted in Linda's shallow grave deep in California's Angeles Forest.
The clues close to the crime scene associated the homicide to Charles Rathbun, a skilled, sought-after advertisement photographer, who claimed he'd by accident run Linda over in a automobile in the course of a photograph shoot. Police speculated that Linda won't were the 1st lovely lady the strapping...

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He was temperamental, often outspokenly critical of the models he worked with, and given to loud outbursts of anger. He was also a decade older than the California beauty and spent his teenage and early adult years in the Midwest. Finally when he returned to his roots in the Golden State he carried along an embarrassing secret, a long-ago brush with the law. Linda was loving and outgoing. She made new friends easily, diligently cultivated old friendships, and treasured her relationship with her family.

The witness remembered also that she was wearing curlers in her yellow hair. It seemed highly probable that investigators had identified the mysterious “Chuck,” that Linda told Mrs. Sobek she was going to meet, during the last hurried telephone chat between mother and daughter. Locating a witness who could place the photographer in a car with the model was one more encouraging development in a case that appeared to be suddenly shaping up. Just as the earlier discovery of the photos and page from the appointment book had done, the newest revelations added to the discomfort and sense of foreboding over the missing model’s fate.

On the Monday after Linda walked out of her house for the last time, Hermosa Beach police received more than one hundred tips. Most of the contacts were phoned in and ranged from people who believed they had seen Linda, her car, or suspicious characters who might have been involved in the disappearance, to concerned psychics. Linda, or her car, or both, were reported as having been spotted in Southern California communities as varied as San Diego and San Bernardino. None of the tips led police to the missing model.

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