Crassulacean Acid Metabolism: Biochemistry, Ecophysiology by Klaus Winter, J.Andrew C. Smith

By Klaus Winter, J.Andrew C. Smith

Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) represents one of many best-studied metabolic examples of an ecological edition to environmental tension. good over five % of all vascular plant species interact during this water-conserving photosynthetic pathway. Intensified study actions over the past 10 years have resulted in significant advances in figuring out the biology of CAM vegetation.
New parts of analysis reviewed intimately during this e-book contain rules of gene expression and the molecular foundation of CAM, the ecophysiology of CAM crops from tropical environments, the productiveness of agronomically vital cacti and agaves, the ecophysiology of CAM in submerged aquatic vegetation, and the taxonomic variety and evolutionary origins of CAM.

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Early work with Mesembryanthemum crystallinum demonstrated that PEPC exists in two states during the 24-h cycle (Greenway et al. 1978) and that PEPC is more sensitive to feedback inhibition by malate (and has a lower affinity for PEP) during the light period (Winter 1982). The mechanism underlying the modulation of PEPC activity is now known to be phosphorylation of the PEPC protein at night, followed by its dephosphorylation during the light period (Chap. 3). At night, accumulation of malic acid in the large central vacuole of the chlorenchyma cells is essential for pH homeostasis and maintenance of normal cytoplasmic metabolism.

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