Contemporary Optoelectronics: Materials, Metamaterials and by Oleksiy Shulika, Igor Sukhoivanov

By Oleksiy Shulika, Igor Sukhoivanov

This e-book provides a set of prolonged contributions at the physics and alertness of optoelectronic fabrics and metamaterials. The booklet is split into 3 elements, respectively overlaying fabrics, metamaterials and optoelectronic units. person chapters hide issues together with phonon-polariton interplay, semiconductor and nonlinear natural fabrics, metal, dielectric and gyrotropic metamaterials, singular optics, parity-time symmetry, nonlinear plasmonics, microstructured optical fibers, passive nonlinear shaping of ultrashort pulses, and pulse-preserving supercontinuum generation.

The booklet comprises either experimental and theoretical stories, and every contribution is a self-contained exposition of a specific subject, that includes an in depth reference checklist. The publication might be an invaluable source for graduate and postgraduate scholars, researchers and engineers interested by optoelectronics/photonics, quantum electronics, optics, and adjoining parts of technology and technology.

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