Composite Materials Handbook-MIL 17: Polymer Matrix by Us Dept Of Defense

By Us Dept Of Defense

This standardization instruction manual has been constructed and is being maintained as a joint attempt of the dep. of protection and the Federal Aviation management. It offers instructions and fabric houses for natural polymer and steel matrix composite fabrics. It offers a typical resource of statistically-based mechanical estate information for present and rising composite fabrics, together with aramid, glass, boron, alumina, silicon carbide, and quartz fiber composites..

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Hybrid -- A composite laminate comprised of laminae of two or more composite material systems. Or, a combination of two or more different fibers such as carbon and glass or carbon and aramid into a structure (tapes, fabrics and other forms may be combined). Hygroscopic -- Capable of absorbing and retaining atmospheric moisture. 1-42 MIL-HDBK-17-2F Volume 2, Chapter 1 General Information Hysteresis -- The energy absorbed in a complete cycle of loading and unloading. Inclusion -- A physical and mechanical discontinuity occurring within a material or part, usually consisting of solid, encapsulated foreign material.

Former Plate -- A die attached to a braiding machine which helps to locate the fell. Fracture Ductility -- The true plastic strain at fracture. Gage Length -- the original length of that portion of the specimen over which strain or change of length is determined. Gel -- The initial jelly-like solid phase that develops during formation of a resin from a liquid. Also, a semi-solid system consisting of a network of solid aggregates in which liquid is held. Gel Coat -- A quick-setting resin used in molding processes to provide an improved surface for the composite; it is the first resin applied to the mold after the mold-release agent.

AA AES AIA AlO ANOVA Ar ARL ASTM B BMI BVID C CAI CCA CE CFRP CLS CMCS CPT CTA CTD CTE - atomic absorption - Auger electron spectroscopy - Aerospace Industries Association - alumina - analysis of variance - aramid - US Army Research Laboratory - Materials Directorate - American Society for Testing and Materials - boron - bismaleimide - barely visible impact damage - carbon - compression after impact - composite cylinder assemblage - cyanate ester - carbon fiber reinforced plastic - crack lap shear - Composite Motorcase Subcommittee (JANNAF) - cured ply thickness - cold temperature ambient - cold temperature dry - coefficient of thermal expansion 1-30 MIL-HDBK-17-2F Volume 2, Chapter 1 General Information CV CVD DCB DDA DGl DLL DMA DOD DSC DTA DTRC EGl ENF EOL EP ESCA ESR ETW FAA FC FFF FGRP FMECA FOD FTIR FWC GC Gl Gr GSCS HDT HPLC ICAP IITRI IR ISS JANNAF LC Li LPT LSS MMB MOL MS MSDS MTBF NAS NASA NDI NMR P PAI PAN PBI PBT PEEK - coefficient of variation - chemical vapor deposition!

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