Commentary on The Epistles of Paul To The Thessalonians by Cornelius R. Stam

By Cornelius R. Stam

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Concerning those members of the Body of Christ who will have died before His coming, the Apostle says that they shall be raised in "incorruptibility.. in glory.. in power . . [in] spiritual bodies," bearing "the image of the heavenly" (I Cor. 15:4244,49), and those who protest that the resurrection of the dead is itself an impossibility, he silences with the devastating reply: 17 Since this trumpet is called "the last trump" in I Cor. 15:52, it is supposed by some that both passages refer to the seventh trumpet of the Great Tribulation (Rev.

XVII), and as we have seen from the Scripture record, the city was literally crowded with idols and altars to false gods, many of them but evidences to the low moral level to which Athens' wisdom had let her sink. " The "intellectuals" generally know too much to be interested in that which is most vitally and urgently important. Ah, but the situation at Thessalonica was altogether different. There were believers in the Lord Jesus Christ with their feet planted firmly on the Word of God. As a result they were hated and persecuted, but now Paul had sent Timothy, a well-tested man of God, a "good soldier of Jesus Christ," and one whom they knew, to encourage them.

1,3). Yet, the Thessalonian believers were still young in Christ and the Apostle well knew that Satan would seek to discourage them. " Not that the precious souls saved there could be lost again. By no means! Rather his thought was that a great work for Cod had been established there. A "great multitude" had come to rejoice in Christ. Now he didn't want this "grace movement" to come to naught because of the fear of persecution. Before leaving this passage we must not fail to learn the lesson God has here for us.

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