Christian Neighbor Love: An Assessment of Six Rival Versions by Garth L. Hallett

By Garth L. Hallett

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With reflection, many likely contributing factors come to mind, besides the one just mentioned. Since the same factorsthe same explicit reasons or subtle, unstated influencesare still operative today and may obscure the need for the present inquiry, I shall cite and comment on a number of the more likely ones. "Thought Is Inimical to Love" "The process of thought," it has been said, "ever denies love. It is thought that has emotional complications, not love. Thought is the greatest hindrance to love.

36 "In Paul, too," insists Karl Barth, ''the Christian's dying and being dead and buried with Christ has nothing whatever to do with an unrelated self-negation and asceticism that is of value only in itself. When Paul describes himself as exhausted and wasted and spent like capital, he adds: 'For your souls' (2 Cor. "37 5. Self-Forgetfulness Here, in choosing a course of action, a person should consider his or her own benefit only in relation to others'; it should not be given any independent weight.

C.  cm. Bibliography: p. Includes index.  Title. " 1 Yet at the heart of this central notion a crucial obscurity persists. "Agape'' calls for love of neighbor as well as love of God, and for love of God shown through love of neighbor. How, though, is this neighbor-love to be conceived? As chapter 1 documents, Christians past and present have understood agape's call to service of others in half a dozen different, incompatible ways. To date, however, these conflicting conceptions have not been identified and listed, nor have they been systematically compared and assessed, so as to discern their implications and determine their respective credentials.

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