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  • Monsterhearts: A Story Game About the Messy Lives of Teenage by Avery Mcdaldno

    By Avery Mcdaldno

    Most young children get to develop up with out encountering whatever scarier than gang violence, drug overdoses and chlamydia. they believe that’s the worst that the realm has to provide them, and so they have the luxurious of laughing.
    You don’t have the posh of guffawing. you recognize the area has hideous, terrible issues hiding within the shadows. you recognize simply because you’re considered one of them. There’s wickedness that dwells inside of your chest, darkness that classes via your veins.
    Most little ones won't ever recognize that such things as you exist, the key monsterhearts.

    What is Monsterhearts?

    Monsterhearts permits you to and your pals create tales approximately attractive monsters, teenage angst, own horror, and mystery love triangles. in case you play, you discover the phobia and confusion that comes either with growing to be up and feeling like a monster.

    Based at the Apocalypse global engine, this can be a video game with emergent tale, messy relationships, a based MC function, and a spotlight on difficult offerings. Monsterhearts attracts on resource fabric like Twilight, real Blood, Ginger Snaps, Jennifer’s physique, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Misfits, The Vampire Diaries, An American Werewolf in London, Cursed, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    If you're keen on supernatural romances, or tales of monstrosity and private horror, or for those who similar to gazing horny humans break their lives, then you’ll love this game.


    Indie RPG - 2012 - Runner Up for online game of the Year
    A twist on Apocalypse global that includes youngster angst, blood, horror and drama. Passionate and enjoyable, Monsterhearts promises on its offers in spades.
    A video game that catches your mind's eye without delay and offers. Manages to be horny and but catch that awkwardness of the teenage years. never-ending suggestion within the skins.

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  • Races of the Wild (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy by Skip Williams

    By Skip Williams

    A brand new D&D sourcebook detailing a number of races that reside in desolate tract.
    Races of the Wild presents Dungeons & Dragons® gamers with an in-depth examine races that reside within the wildest components of the D&D global. there's wide info at the vintage races of elves and halflings, together with new ideas, details for interplay, new spells, and new magic goods attuned to every race. as well as info at the significant races, a brand new race is brought. there's improved info on sub-races, besides a wealth of cultural info and new status sessions, feats, apparatus, spells, and magic goods.

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  • Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised Edition, Werewolf: The by Sean Riley

    By Sean Riley

    Fang, Claw and Bullet
    Not all werewolves are creatures of the wild. a few stalk the town streets, looking their prey in again alleys and boardrooms. expertise is their best friend and desktops are their slaves. while the battle erupts within the urban streets, they'll have the ability to struggle with enamel and claw, with electrical energy and glass. they're the Glass Walkers.

    Skating the Weaver's Webs
    The 5th revised Tribebook, Glass Walkers makes a speciality of the main urbane of werewolf tribes. inside of are the secrets and techniques of the cyber-tribe's mystic powers over expertise, in addition to their strategies for scuffling with the battle of the Apocalypse over digital and urban battlefields. No modern day Werewolf fan could be with no it.

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  • Pathfinder Chronicles: Book of the Damned Volume 2 - Lords by James Jacobs

    By James Jacobs

    The howling insanity of the Abyss lurches to poor lifestyles in ebook of the Damned quantity 2 - Lords of Chaos, a harrowing examine the primordial nature of evil. even if protecting the area from the demonic horde or promoting it out in your darkish grasp, this 64-page crusade surroundings guidebook shines an unholy mild at the darkest evils ever to befoul the multiverse. Written by way of Pathfinder Editor-in-Chief and famous demon professional James Jacobs, Lords of Chaos delivers darkish delights necessary to any Pathfinder Roleplaying video game crusade, together with designated discussions of the ten most vital Abyssal geographical regions and their fiendish rulers; elevated info on two-dozen lesser demon lords and their nightmarish nation-states; particular ecologies of significant identified demon kinds; a whole heritage of the Abyss and the unspeakable creatures who dwelled there prior to the arrival of gods and demons; plus a number of new demons and Abyssal monsters, demonic spells, magic goods, and extra.

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  • Shadowrun: Ghost Cartels by Catalyst Game Labs

    By Catalyst Game Labs

    The shadows are abuzz in regards to the new drug within the sprawl: pace. It takes the person on a different journey, larger than something skilled ahead of. Druggies can’t get sufficient of the stuff, or even beetleheads are giving it a shot. Tempo’s attractiveness shifts the stability of strength among the syndicates and shortly the blood and bullets are flowing.

    Ghost Cartels drops the runners into the motion, related to them within the drug bargains and gear performs shaking up Seattle, la, and Hong Kong—even taking all of them find out how to the jungles of South the US.

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  • Forest of Tears (MERP ICE #8015) by Charles Crutchfield

    By Charles Crutchfield

    This complement attracts adventurers into the mysterious Suza Sumar, a rainforest thriving in desolate tract sands. The Honnin, a hidden humans with regards to the Woses of the Ered Nimrais, live among the boles of the nice bushes, harvesting the forest's bounties and zealously guarding their secrecy. regardless of their warning, the darkish Lord's schemes quickly may perhaps boil out of the woodland of Tears to overrun all of a long way Harad.

    Explore the sunspeckled twilight underneath the boughs of the woodland of Tears. Amidst the songs of brilliantly feathered birds, a small humans struggles with its insane gods, struggling with to maintain the traditions of its age-old society intact. captivated with secrecy, the Honnin are bothered via a cannibalistic spirit who preys on its worshippers and a Tavari seduced by means of Sauron's grants of energy. those hazards threaten viewers to the mysterious woodland of Tears.

    FOREST OF TEARS contains:

    - FULL-COLOR MAPS: together with a local map and a map of the close by urban of Bozisha-Dar.
    - 3 fascinating ADVENTURES: confront an order of the Honnin priests cause on guarding the secrecy of "The Hidden Shrine"; avenge the dying of a Haradan formative years in "The Tower of Birds"; and wrestle an area goddess pledged to Sauron's carrier in "The urban of Pred".
    - distinctive LAYOUTS: of all event sites.
    - records: for Honnin clergymen and clergymen, beasts of the Suza Sumar, and one of many robust Tavari.

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  • Spells & Spellcraft: Compendium of Mystic Lore (Legends & by Fantasy Flight Games

    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Spells & Spellcraft is the fourth quantity in myth Flight’s Legends & Lairs line of d20 process sourcebooks. This 176-page hardcover ebook will supply ratings of latest arcane and divine spells, new feats, ideas for alchemical learn and arcane libraries, and ideas for brand new magical traditions. Spells & Spellcraft could be a useful source for either gamers of spellcasting characters and DMs trying to extend the bounds of magic of their campaigns.

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  • Thieves of Tharbad (MERP ICE #8050) by Lisa J. Evans, Walter H. Hunt, Evan Jamieson, Richard Meyer,

    By Lisa J. Evans, Walter H. Hunt, Evan Jamieson, Richard Meyer, Robert G. Traynor

    This product info the main buying and selling urban west of the Misty Mountains, a urban teeming with cutthroats and thieves. Rescue the Princess of Cardolan's stolen tiara and support get a divorce the complicated smuggling ring.

    Tharbad was once based within the moment Age by means of Tar-Aldarion as an inland port for his fleet to take advantage of whereas exploring the inner of Middle-earth... Its large avenues, public parks and good laid out streets have been the envy of different northern towns, for Tharbad used to be outfitted via the Numenorians on the top in their strength. but the years haven't been style to Tharbad... even supposing a lot grandeur is still, such a lot sections of the town have fallen into decay.

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  • Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel

    By Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel

    Dungeon international is an international of wonderful experience. an international of magic, gods and demons, of excellent and evil, legislation and chaos. courageous heroes enterprise into the main harmful corners of the land looking for gold and glory.

    Adventurers take many shapes in Dungeon global. The races of elves, males, dwarves, and halflings all have their heroes. a few are near-invincible beasts of conflict encased in iron armor. Others are extra mysterious, conjuring up and wielding the effective forces of magic. Treasure and glory are sought through a holy cleric, a difficult thief, a potent paladin, and more.

    It isn’t all effortless heroics and noble bravery, notwithstanding. at any time when the ranger publications his associates in the course of the historical woods there are 100 issues ready to chunk his head off. Slavering hordes of goblin troops, possibly. Or is that this the Cursed wooden, the place dwells the grey Witch? Or the throngs of hateful lifeless, trying to drag a meaty corpse again to their lair? frightening, convinced, yet there’s treasure, too.

    More gold and jewels and magic misplaced to guy have fallen among the cracks on the planet than you could think. Who higher to retrieve it than a band of stalwart heroes?

    You and your mates are these heroes. You pass the place others can’t or won’t. There are sizeable issues lurking on the planet. Are you prepared to stand them?

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  • Threats of the Galaxy (Star Wars Roleplaying Game) by Owen K. C. Stephens, Rodney Thompson

    By Owen K. C. Stephens, Rodney Thompson

    Ready-to-play characters, creatures, and droids in your celebrity Wars campaign.

    This complement supplies Gamemasters an collection of galactic denizens to populate their superstar Wars Roleplaying online game adventures. Nowhere will you discover a extra worthwhile hive of scum and villainy! This booklet provides ratings of nefarious characters, fearsome creatures, and droids of assorted degrees and throughout all big name Wars eras. every one personality, creature, and droid access contains video game statistics, strategies, and come across information.

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