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  • Ghostwalk (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying by Monte Cook, Sean K. Reynolds

    By Monte Cook, Sean K. Reynolds

    Welcome to the Ghostwalk crusade, a excessive fable roleplaying surroundings. In a few very basic methods, it really is like many different campaigns for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® online game; it's a global with magic and monsters, with gods and demons, and with stories of an afterlife that waits for heroes and villains alike. avid gamers create computers, DMs create adventures, and also you carry them jointly, leading to nice stories of bold heroism.

    The one vital distinction in a Ghostwalk cam- paign is this—when your personality dies, you don’t need to cease enjoying. in its place, you could preserve the adven- ture going, taking part in your personality as a ghost and ben- efiting from a complete new set of talents and skills. Ghosts in a Ghostwalk crusade are easily the spirits of the lifeless. they don't “haunt” areas or humans the best way they do in different settings (although that notice is usually used to explain the house of a ghost). right here, they're free-willed, free-roaming spirits. in truth, a few characters may well take pleasure in themselves extra as ghosts than they did as dwelling beings.

    The urban of appear rests atop ruins from precedent days and much above the doorway to the land of the useless. the following, the area of the residing is shared both with the deceased, who linger in actual shape ahead of ultimately passing during the Veil. no matter if presently dwelling or useless, citizens and viewers are guaranteed of an eternity of motion and intrigue.

    Ghostwalk includes every little thing had to run a stand-alone crusade in and round the urban of appear, or to combine it into an latest international, together with ideas for taking part in ghost characters and advancing within the new eidolon and eidoloncer sessions, a number of new status sessions, over 70 new feats and sixty five new spells, 3 whole adventures, 4 hugely certain come across websites, and fourteen new monsters and templates.

    To use this accent, a Dungeon grasp additionally wishes the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual. A participant wishes purely the Player’s Handbook.

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  • Dragons of the East (Mage: The Ascension) by Bryan Armor, Ellen Kiley, Christine Gregory, Steve Long,

    By Bryan Armor, Ellen Kiley, Christine Gregory, Steve Long, Malcom Sheppard

    With phrases of Thunder

    Shinto monks. Shaolin priests. Ninja clans. Confucian sages. Hindu fakirs. Asia is a brilliant dragon, sleeping because it awaits the turning of the age. lengthy have the folk of Asia identified magical secrets and techniques. in the course of the mists of shrouded legends, they've got witnessed the powers of spirits, dragons, feng shui and chi energy.
    We Shake the Pillars of Heaven!

    Here Mage gamers and Storytellers will locate not just information regarding the heritage of Asiatic mages just like the Akashic Brotherhood and the Wu Lung, yet of different hidden teams within the a ways East, in addition to the unique magic of Asia. the following finally are entire principles for the original sorcery of Asia, plus its unusual spirits and creatures, magical artifacts and hidden hazards.

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  • Spirit Slayers (Hunter: The Vigil) by Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Howard Wood Ingham, Mike

    By Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Howard Wood Ingham, Mike Lee, Stew Wilson, Martin Henley

    The evening is stuffed with beasts — beasts that stroll as women and men, that prey on those that stray from the herd, that starvation for blood and flesh while the moon rises. we can't be the sheep to those wolves. we'll hunt the wolves ourselves.

    A Chronicle e-book for Hunter: The Vigil™
    • A Hunter’s examine shapeshifters: those that shape lunatic tribes, those that scouse borrow their energy from the satan or from animal skins, those that turn into contaminated or cursed. This e-book additionally seems at spirits from a hunter’s perspective.
    • 3 new compacts and one new conspiracy: the confederation of spirit cults referred to as Les Mystéres.
    • New instruments within the hunter’s arsenal for looking shapeshifters and spirits, and principles supplied to create either robust hunter protagonists and scary werewolf antagonists.
    • looking floor: Philadelphia takes a glance on the hunter-werewolf fight that has been happening within the urban of concord because the progressive battle and ahead of.

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  • Primal Power (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: Supplement) by Rob Heinsoo, Mike Mearls, Robert J. Schwalb, Logan Bonner

    By Rob Heinsoo, Mike Mearls, Robert J. Schwalb, Logan Bonner

    Take a stroll at the wild part!

    This must-have e-book is the most recent in a line of player-friendly video game vitamins delivering countless numbers of latest innovations for D&D® characters, in particular concentrating on heroes who draw strength from the spirits that protect and maintain the area. It offers new archetypal builds for barbarians, druids, shamans, and wardens, together with new personality powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.

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  • Signs of the Moon (Werewolf: The Forsaken) by Stewart Wilson, Travis Stout, Matthew McFarland, Alex

    By Stewart Wilson, Travis Stout, Matthew McFarland, Alex Scokel, Stephen Di Pesa, David Hill, Filamena Young

    "Who are we?
    Are we who we decide to be?
    Or can we haven't any selection at all?
    Mother Moon
    The loopy Queen
    It's her game
    A rigged game
    The global is a taking part in field
    These are her mad rules
    And we're her pieces
    Each folks is aware her face
    And but, she has 5 faces
    So what will we do?
    Who are we?"

    This publication includes:
    • Chapters dedicated to all the 5 auspices. In each one, you'll locate in-character artifacts discussing the histories and lives of these in the auspices, and you'll additionally locate new guns in your characters: presents, rites, motels, in addition to Auspice points that characters can decide to hone in on how their characters top include the auspice they represent.

    • A Storytelling bankruptcy devoted to discussing how top to exploit auspice on your online game from either a pragmatic and theoretical viewpoint, in addition to a frank dialogue on developing new auspices and new Gifts.

    • a sequence of Storytelling event procedure scenes intended to function "auspice challenges" - those scenes are guaranteed to diversified auspices and will be dropped into your video games to spotlight the significance of one's moon.

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  • Shadowrun: Core Rulebook (5th Edition) by Jason M. Hardy

    By Jason M. Hardy

    There are cracks on this planet. They’re narrow, darkish, and sometimes chilly, yet they're the one issues that
    keep you hidden. hold you alive. they're the shadows of the area, and they're the place you live.

    You are a shadowrunner, thriving within the margins, doing the roles nobody else can. You have
    no place of work, no everlasting domestic, no history to envision. you're no matter what you are making your self. Will you search justice? Sow seeds of chaos? promote out to the top bidder? It’s as much as you, yet this a lot is certain—if you do not anything, the streets will consume you alive.

    You can survive—even flourish—as lengthy as you do what it takes. Sacrifice a part of your soul for bleeding-edge apparatus. Push the boundaries of your will studying new and hazardous magic. twine your self into the Matrix, making your brain one with screaming streams of information. It’ll fee you something—everything does—but you can also make it definitely worth the price.

    Shadowrun, 5th version is the most recent model of 1 of the preferred and profitable role-playing worlds of all time—a fusion of guy, magic and laptop in a dystopian near-future. With principles for personality production, magic, wrestle, Matrix hacking, rigging, and extra, you have got every thing you want to face the demanding situations of the 6th World.

    [Uploader's be aware: PDF is retail quality.]

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  • Tribebook: Fianna (Revised Edition, Werewolf: The by Adam Tinworth, Forrest Marchinton

    By Adam Tinworth, Forrest Marchinton

    Struggle for Glory, attempt for Wisdom
    They snigger louder and weep tougher than the other tribe. they struggle as if they've already permitted their very own deaths, yet do their most sensible to stay existence to the fullest. They deal with their foes with out mercy, they usually deal with their households with enduring love. They make bloodthirsty enemies, yet amazing associates. they're the youngsters of the Stag, the Fianna.

    Live on a daily basis as though It have been Your Last
    The new Tribebooks proceed with Tribebook: Fianna, the sourcebook detailing the lively Celtic warrior-tribe. examine their mystery knowledge, problem the latest threats to their survival, use the hot presents, fetishes, spirit allies and rites supplied inside of. And do you kin proud.

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  • GameMastery Module: Hollow's Last Hope by Paizo Publishing

    By Paizo Publishing

    The city of Falcon's hole wishes a miracle.

    The plague has come to the city of Falcon's hole, and never even the town's priest can bog down its wretched direction. With the coughs of the ill and the wails of the demise echoing via city, the neighborhood herbalist uncovers a healing, yet she wishes a few courageous heroes to retrieve the elements. discovering the healing skill risking the dangero ...more

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  • Pathfinder Companion: Cheliax, Empire of Devils by Paizo Publishing

    By Paizo Publishing

    The town of Westcrown, as soon as the capital of Cheliax, is now yet a shadow of its former glory. Pauper nobles and self-made princes vie for keep an eye on in a city perched at the fringe of self-destruction. With complete districts deserted and left to bandits and monsters, Westcrown is a urban wanting heroes. This urban and its environs are the environment for Pathfinder's new Council of Thieves event course, and the 1st to be suitable with either the cutting edge new Pathfinder RPG principles and the unique 3.5 principles of the world's most well liked roleplaying online game. The Council of Thieves Player's consultant tells you all you must be aware of to construct a personality for this new event direction, provides an in depth, player-focused gazetteer on Westcrown and the encircling sector, and provides many new feats, personality features, spells, and magic goods, or even a status classification for characters to take advantage of through the Council of Thieves experience direction and different Pathfinder campaigns.

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